Rich Dudes│How Airrack Went From College Dropout to YouTube Sensation With A $2.2M Net Worth

Airrack has won over millions of fans with his hilarious videos and made smart investments in startups, NFTs, and brands. Here’s what he does with his $2.2 million net worth.

Updated Jul 17, 2023

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Eric Decker, AKA Airrack, was born on January 12, 1997, in California. He grew up with one younger sister and dropped out of a reputable college to focus on his social media channels and pursue his influencer career.

Since starting his YouTube channel in 2015, Decker has amassed over 12.2 million subscribers, 1.6 billion views, and 160 uploads and counting. He’s collaborated with popular YouTubers like MrBeast and FaZe Rug and has invested in Creator Now, a program for helping YouTubers learn new skills and grow their channels.

Airrack is in a relationship with fellow YouTuber Hope LaVine, so sorry ladies, he’s off the market. Some of his most popular videos "The Very Last Dive" and "I Got Kicked Out of Every Walmart" have amassed over 8 million and 14 million views, respectively.

Airrack's estimated net worth is $2.2 million thanks to his YouTube and smart business investments.

Decker earned the moniker "Elon Musk of YouTube" for his intelligent business investments and entrepreneurial spirit. That's right, this guy doesn't just make funny videos—he's also making money.

Decker's estimated net worth is $2.2 million—Not too shabby for a dude who spends his days doing ridiculous stunts.

So how did he do it? Let's dive into Airrack's smart investment success stories in startups and merchandise.

Airrack net worth at a glance:

Net worth

$2.2 million


January, 12, 1997


American born in Los Angeles, California



Sources of wealth

Youtube, endorsements, affiliate marketing.

Asset classes

Startups, NFTs

How Airrack made his money

Before becoming relevant on YouTube as Airrack, Eric Decker made money by selling stuff on eBay.

But running an eBay store wasn't enough for Decker, so he started his own YouTube channel. Fast forward a few years, and Airrack is a YouTube sensation with over 12.1 million subscribers, 1.6 billion views, and a world record under his belt.

With fame came fortune. Airrack's estimated net worth is $2.2 million thanks to his YouTube—namely video ads—and smart business investments.

One of Airrack's secrets to success was participating in the CreatorNow bootcamp, which helped him grow his channel and reach a wider audience. And just like that, Airrack went from being nobody to having a million subscribers in just a year.

How Airrack invests his money

The YouTube sensation-turned-entrepreneur has been busy investing his hard-earned cash. And it's not just about having fat stacks, but investing in the creator economy and supporting up-and-coming YouTubers.

In one of his biggest investment moves, Decker raised $3 million for his Creator Now Film School project through equity financing and debt. Creator Now plans to use this money to invest in several creator-led projects per year, covering short-form and long-form videos, podcasts, and more.

But Decker doesn’t put all his eggs in one basket. He’s invested in early-stage startups, with a particular focus on companies that are creating innovative products and services in the creator economy.

Decker also set his sights on making the world's largest pizza. In partnership with Pizza Hut, Airrack broke the Guinness World Record in January 2023 with a pizza measuring 13,580.28 square feet.

Decker is all about investing in the creator economy, supporting other up-and-coming creators and startups, and even breaking world records.


When it comes to investing, Decker doesn't just stack up his cash and call it a day. No, no, no. He invests in the ‘creator economy.’ That's right, he’s not just making bank, but helping others make bank, too.

Airrack has invested $3 million in his Creator Now Film School project, which plans to invest in ten to 12 creator-led projects per year.

Decker has also invested in early-stage startups, with a particular focus on creating innovative products and services for the creator economy. It's Shark Tank, but with less yelling and more memes.

Decker's strategy is all about supporting the little guy. He’s investing in the future of creators rather than just startups. And who knows, maybe one day we'll all be saying, "Thank you, Airrack," for making our dreams a reality.

How has Airrack’s investment in Creator Now performed?

Well, it looks like Airrack's investment in Creator Now is paying off. With a cost of $250 per attendee and positive feedback from participants, it's no surprise that the program raised $3 million in funding in January 2022.

Creator Now is a program for YouTubers to improve their content creation skills and grow their channel. It involves sessions with successful YouTubers tht teach audience engagement, content strategy, collabing with other channels, and monetization.

Participants can gain insights and access to tools that help improve their reach by attracting more views and subscribers.


Airrack invested $1 million in an NFT game called Mad World. He's not just a player—he's also a partner. Decker also will be the host of a Pong tournament for charity where prominent YouTubers will be minting NFTs.

Airrack is also investing in the NFT project CryptoKickers that’s creating NFTs for sport fans. He knows that sports fans are some of the most passionate groups out there, and NFTs are the perfect way to capture that passion.

But Decker isn't just in it for the fun and games. He's serious about creating a platform for NFT artists and collectors to easily buy, sell, and trade quality NFTs. Dereck has got the tools and services to support NFT creators, from minting to curation to promotion.

And Decker isn't finished yet. He's got big plans to continue investing in NFT projects and partnerships to expand his platform and bring value to the NFT community. He's the Oprah of NFTs, spreading the wealth around. You get an NFT, and you get an NFT, everyone gets an NFT.

Airrack breaks Guinness World Record for largest pizza

Breaking a Guinness World record is an impressive accomplishment for Airrack. It all began when he posted a video of himself constructing a pizza oven in his backyard. Little did he know that his plan worked and would be the foundation for his success.

On January 18, 2023, Decker, alongside Pizza Hut, attempted to break the Guinness World Record for the largest pizza—the final measure came in at 13,957 square feet. His “I made the world's largest pizza” short got 40 million views while the full version got 10 million.

With the groundwork laid and a team of experienced pizza-makers, they were able to create a pizza with over 13,000 pounds of dough, nearly 5,000 pounds of sauce, and almost 9,000 pounds of cheese, enough to feed an entire class of hungry kids.

Airrack investing quotes 

1. Be optimistic

2. Be independent

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