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Attack on Titan Funko Pops combines fan-favorite characters with profit potential. These vinyl figures are selling faster than you can yell 'Sasageyo!' But can they hold as investments?

Updated May 15, 2023

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Get ready to bring the epic battles and memorable characters from the hit anime series to your shelf with Attack on Titan Funko Pops. These adorable vinyl figures capture the essence of your favorite Survey Corps members, Titans, and Marleyans in a cute and compact form.

Eren Jaeger (Titan Form, Rage Mode) witnessed an impressive value increase, surging to $1,126—almost 16 times its starting price.

With their large heads and tiny bodies, these Funko Pops pack a punch of cuteness that will make any fan squeal with delight. They're not just adorable—these figures can also be investment-worthy collectibles.

Some rare and exclusive Anime Funko Pops have seen their value skyrocket, fetching prices much higher than their original retail cost. As an Attack on Titan fan and collector, you could showcase your passion for the series by investing in these captivating pops while potentially enjoying a profit.

Attack on Titan Funko Pops

Attack on Titan Funko Pops are captivating collectible figurines celebrating the popular Japanese animation and manga franchise, as characters fight for humanity against Titans beyond the walls.

With over 30 unique designs, including characters like Eren Jaeger, Mikasa Ackerman, Titan Christa Pop, Levi, Ymir Fritz, Titan Kenny Pop, and more, these intricately crafted figures come in various sizes, ready for games, and retailer-exclusive editions, packaged in a window display box.

As you explore the captivating world of Attack on Titan Funko Pops, consider adding these trendy collectibles to your collection. Perfect for hardcore fans and casual enthusiasts alike, these hand-picked products have shown investment potential, with some limited edition variants experiencing a surge in value over time in the collectibles market.

20 Eren Jaeger (Black and White) (BAIT) 

  • Average Price: $350
  • Highest Sale Price: $500
  • Size: Standard (3.75") 
  • Variant: Standard
  • Supply: Vaulted
  • Rarity:  Bait Exclusive

You can invest in the rarest Eren Funko Pop for just $350.
Source: cardboardconnection.com

Experience Eren Jaeger's monochrome magic with the Black and White (BAIT) 20 Funko Pop. This stylish grayscale rendition of the young titan slayer adds an artistic vibe to your collection. This Attack on Titan Pop was released by BAIT and features Eren in his iconic Survey Corps uniform.

The price chart shows a growing surge in Eren Funko Pop's value since June 2021, highlighting its potential investment worth.
Source: funkypriceguide.com

With a market value of around $350, this exclusive piece combines chic aesthetics and investment potential. Let Eren Jaeger's black-and-white alter ego infuse sophistication into your collection.

22 Eren Jaeger (Titan Form) Rage

  • Average Price: $70
  • Highest Sale Price: $1,126
  • Size: Big-in-box (4")
  • Variant: Standard
  • Supply: Vaulted
  • Rarity: Hot Topic Exclusive

Eren Jaeger's Titan Form Funko Pop fetched a staggering $1,126 on eBay, showcasing its high demand.
Source: cardboardconnection.com

Looking for a Funko Pop that's both rare and rage-filled? The Titan Eren Jaeger Rage #22 Hot Topic Exclusives is the perfect pick. This figure showcases Eren's epic transformation into his powerful Titan form, with his bright glowing eyes and fierce expression.

Rising 1,600% on its original market value to sell for $1,126, this collectible could shake up your investment strategy. However, you should be cautious when purchasing to ensure you receive the titan eren in the best possible condition.

22 Eren (Titan Form) 

  • Average Price: $50
  • Highest Sale Price: $600
  • Size: Big-in-box (4")
  • Variant: Glow Chase
  • Supply: Vaulted
  • Rarity: Rare

In June 2022, Eren (Titan Form) #22 Funko Pop reached a $600 high on eBay, demonstrating its investor appeal.
Source: cardboardconnection.com

The Titan Eren Funko Pop #22 displays Titan Eren's fearsome transformation and detailed features, making it appealing to collectors. Valued at around $50, Titan Eren is a charming piece of Attack on Titan memorabilia with investment potential—limited availability and rising price might make these action figures harder to obtain.

233 Female Titan 6" Super-Sized 

  • Average Price: $19
  • Highest Sale Price: $180
  • Size: Super (6")
  • Variant: Standard
  • Supply: Available
  • Rarity: Normal

You can add Female Titan flair to your Popfolio for just $19.
Source: cardboardconnection.com

The Female Titan 6" Super-Sized Funko Pop #233 could be interesting. This figure portrays the iconic Titan's fierce and powerful stance, with intricate details such as her flowing hair and ripped clothing. 

With a market price of around $19, this impressive Funko Pop could be a valuable addition for collectors seeking a complete titan experience.

23 Colossal Titan 6" Super-Sized 

  • Average Price: $75
  • Highest Sale Price: $650
  • Size: Super (6")
  • Variant: Standard
  • Supply: Vaulted
  • Rarity: Limited production

The Colossal Titan 6" Super-Sized Funko Pop #23 offers potential investment value in collectibles.
Source: cardboardconnection.com

Ready to add monstrous value to your Attack on Titan collection? Then the Colossal Titan 6" Super-Sized Funko Pop #23 is the way to go. This figure features the towering Colossal Titan with his distinct exposed muscles and steamy demeanor.

Boasting a market value of around $75, this gargantuan Funko Pop is a heavyweight investment in the collectible universe.

239 Cleaning Levi 

  • Average Price: $39
  • Highest Sale Price: $175
  • Size: Standard (3.75") 
  • Variant: Standard
  • Supply: Exclusive
  • Rarity: Hot Topic Exclusive

Cleaning Levi 239, valued at just $39, could offer potentially tidy returns for collectors.
Source: cardboardconnection.com

The 239 Cleaning Levi Hot Topic Exclusive is a rare and valuable Funko Pop that could pique your interest. It showcases Levi Ackerman in his iconic cleaning gear and a standing pose with a mop.

Valued at around $39, this exclusive figure's limited availability and high demand among Attack on Titan fans make it a potential contender for your collection. Keep this intriguing vinyl figure on your radar.

21 Mikasa Ackerman 

  • Average Price: $104
  • Highest Sale Price: $550
  • Size: Standard (3.75") 
  • Variant: Standard
  • Supply: Vaulted
  • Rarity: Hot Topic Pre-Release Exclusive

The Mikasa Ackerman #21 Hot Topic Exclusive has a market value of around $104.
Source: toysonfire.ca

The Mikasa Ackerman with swords #21 Hot Topic Exclusive, featuring the daring titan-slayer and one of the fan-favorite characters from the story in her Survey Corps uniform and unique battle stance, has captivated Funko Pop collectors.

This fierce figurine could be an excellent investment with a current market value of around $104. Join Mikasa on her victorious quest by collecting her coveted Funko Pop.

234 Armored Titan 6" Super-Sized 

  • Average Price: $168
  • Highest Sale Price: $660
  • Size: Super (6")
  • Variant: Standard
  • Supply: Vaulted
  • Rarity: Limited production

The Super-Sized Armored Titan Funko Pop 234 is available for $168.
Source: cardboardconnection.com

The rare and impressive Armored Titan Super-Sized 234 vinyl figure is a sought-after collectible, standing six inches tall with distinctive armor plating and a menacing expression.

This vinyl figure measures around six inches and is valued at around $168. It's a valuable investment for Attack on Titan and Funko Pop fans, since it's a limited edition piece, making it a true collector's gem.

Investing in Attack on Titan toys

If you're a collector or investor searching for something fun and possibly profitable, you should consider getting an Attack on Titan Funko Pop. These vinyl action figures have experienced a huge increase in value over time, with certain rare and exclusive ones going for prices way beyond their original cost.

For instance, The Eren Jaeger Titan Pop in Rage Mode witnessed its value surge to $1,126—almost 16x its starting price. This astonishing price performance showcases the huge success some investors have experienced after investing in a vinyl figure.

So, while copping an Attack on Titan Funko Pop isn’t a fast track to riches, they're a unique and enjoyable way to make some dough.

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