Rich Dudes│How Bert Kreischer Joked His Way to an $8M Net Worth

Bert Kreischer's net worth is as jampacked as his comic acts. Dig into his fortune from stand-up comedy, media gigs, and real estate.

Updated Jul 20, 2023

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Real Estate



Albert Kreischer Jr. is the real-life king of comedy, flaunting his six-pack (of laughs) and shirtless swagger across stages, screens, and soundwaves. With $8 million nestling snugly in Uncle Bertie's bank account, it's crystal clear that this quick-witted storytelling maestro has charmed millions—conquering comedy clubs, television, movies, and podcasts all in his bare-chested style.

Coupled with some nifty upgrades to Bert's house, its value has soared up close to around $1 million. As it turns out, this lucrative property is just a slice of Bert's success pie.

Come with us into the uproarious world of Bert Kreischer as we reveal the captivating tales behind the man, the myth, and "The Machine." Let's trace the roots of Bert Kreischer’s net worth to his escapades at comedy clubs, on-screen in television and film, and through gut-busting podcasts.

Beneath Bert Kreischer's $8 million net worth lies a treasure trove of wild tales worth their weight in gold. Born on November 3, 1972, in Tampa, Florida, Bert's days of hard partying at Florida State University caught the eye of Rolling Stone magazine. 

Their 1997 feature on Bert crowned him the top partyer at the nation's number one party school, setting the stage for the film National Lampoon's Van Wilder. And the rest is history.

Bert Kreischer net worth at a glance

Net worth

$8 million


November 3, 1972


American born in Tampa, Florida

Became a millionaire at



Stand-up comedian, television host, podcaster, writer, and actor

Sources of wealth

Comedy performances, TV shows, film adaptations, podcasting, and book sales

Asset classes

Real estate and royalties

Bert Kreischer is happily married to LeeAnn Kreischer—formerly LeeAnn Kemp—and they share two daughters, Georgia and Ila. The family resides in Valley Village, Los Angeles, where they enjoy spending quality time together and creating memories. 

Bert’s love for his family is evident in his comedy routines and podcast appearances, where he often shares stories about his wife and children.

Comedian Bert Kreischer—married to LeeAnn and father of two daughters—shares family stories through comedy and podcasts.

Despite his wild past and outrageous career, Bert has managed to maintain a stable and loving family life. His marriage to LeeAnn and their life together demonstrate that fame and fortune have not overshadowed the importance of family and personal connections.

How Bert Kreischer made his money

Bert Kreischer’s wealth is the result of diverse income sources, including stand-up comedy, television and film appearances, podcasting, book sales, and brand endorsements. 

His stand-up comedy career began in the late ‘90s and has seen him perform in clubs, theaters, and festivals worldwide. His comedy specials on Netflix and other streaming services have expanded his reach and boosted his income.

Bert’s appearances on television shows and movies, hosting gigs, and podcasting ventures have further contributed to his overall net worth. Bert Kreischer has built a successful and lucrative career in the entertainment industry through hard work, dedication, and a unique approach to comedy.

Stand-up comedy

The American stand-up comedian began his career at Tallahassee’s Potbelly’s and later at Greenwich Village’s Boston Comedy Club, where his unique storytelling and charismatic stage presence quickly gained recognition. 

Over the years, his stand-up comedy gigs, such as Comfortably Dumb, which aired on Comedy Central in 2009, and his Netflix specials Secret Time and Hey Big Boy, contributed significantly to his net worth and fame.

Bert Kreischer climbed to fame and fortune by making numerous TV and talk show appearances and earning $10,000 to $20,000 per show.

Bert’s energetic comedy style involves physical performances that often include improvisation. His hilarious anecdotes, based on his personal experiences, have become a staple of his comedy act. This combination of storytelling and his signature shirtless performances has made him a standout figure in stand-up comedy.

TV and film

Bert Kreischer’s television and film appearances have also played a significant role in amassing his wealth. Bert has hosted popular reality shows Hurt Bert and Trip Flip on the Travel Channel as well as Bert the Conqueror. He’s also appeared on late-night shows and competed in the 2008 reality show Reality Bites Back.

He has been featured on shows like The Joe Rogan Experience podcast, The Tonight Show, and Late Night with Conan O’Brien, and has released several comedy specials on Netflix.

The Machine's release in the U.S. and Canada grossed $5.9 million over Memorial Day weekend in 2023.

Bert’s infamous The Machine story chronicles his accidental involvement with the Russian mafia during his college years, and has been adapted into a film released in 2023. This combination of television and film contributions has undoubtedly added to Bert Kreischer’s impressive net worth.


Bert Kreischer’s foray into podcasting has further bolstered his income and net worth. He hosts podcasts like BertcastOpen Tabs, and the cooking show Something’s Burning. Bert also collaborates with fellow comedian Tom Segura on the popular podcast 2 Bears 1 Cave.

How Bert Kreischer invests

Juggling laughter and lucre, Bert Kreischer has charmed his way into a lavish life for himself and his family. Bringing in the big bucks with his entertainment escapades enables him to make some shrewd real estate investments.

As if that's not enough, our beloved Bert also collects a nifty sum from Life of the Party royalties, the successful autobiography that keeps his bank account as stuffed as his audiences are with delightful chuckles.

Real estate

Nestled in the cozy Valley Village neighborhood of LA, just a stone's throw away from the bustling Hollywood scene, lies Bert Kreischer's humble abode. This San Fernando Valley gem boasts two bedrooms and one bathroom across a comfortable 1,400 square feet. Despite the relatively modest topography, Bert mustered up $529,000 in 2010 to claim this prized property.

Over the years, nearby areas have undergone swanky renovations, gradually transforming the neighborhood into an upscale community. Coupled with some nifty upgrades to Bert's house, its value has soared to nearly $1 million. As it turns out, this lucrative property is just a slice of Bert's success pie.

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In 2014, Bert Kreischer added another feather to his cap with the release of his autobiography, Life of the Party: Stories of a Perpetual Man Child. This book unveils Bert's journey to becoming a notorious stand-up comedian and raconteur and blesses fans with glimpses of his life, from riotous college frat boy adventures to his booming comedy career and cherished family life.

Bert Kreischer’s autobiography Life of the Party is an entertaining look into the comedian’s life and sells on Amazon for $19.
Source: Amazon

Dripping with side-splitting laughter and touching sincerity, Life of the Party offers an intimate peek into Bert's world, on and off the stage. The book's triumph not only cements Bert's status as a gifted storyteller and serves as an invaluable source of royalties, fortifying his already enviable resume.

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Bert Kreischer's online merch store, featuring customized t-shirts, apparel, accessories, and The Machine-themed products, caters to fans and contributes to his net worth.

With prices from $5 to $60, the store strengthens Bert's connection with his audience while diversifying his income sources, which is crucial to support his flourishing career.


Bert Kreischer started his fitness journey with a playful wager with comedian Tom Segura. The stakes? A free trip for the one who shed fewer pounds, and a clean shave for the loser. This sparked Bert’s commitment to health, underscoring the importance of personal well-being.

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Bert Kreischer investing quotes

1. Discover yourself

2. Embrace the ups and downs

3. Never say never

Bert Kreischer's $8 million net worth highlights a successful journey through stand-up comedy, television, film, podcasting, and writing. From his origins in Tampa, Florida, to his colorful college experiences and eventual rise in the entertainment industry, Bert has showcased his exceptional storytelling and captivating performances, leaving a lasting impact on his fans and peers.

Bert Kreischer’s journey attests to the power of hard work, passion, and perseverance. His success inspires aspiring comedians and entertainers, proving that anything is possible with dedication and a strong sense of humor.

His story reminds investors of the importance of diversifying income streams and staying true to their passions to achieve success and lasting impact.

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