Top Eight Most Expensive CS:GO Weapon Skins

CSGO weapon skins offer a unique combination of utility, collectability, and community sentiment. CSGO skins could be a lucrative investment opportunity as a virtual asset with a thriving market.

Updated Jul 20, 2023

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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is an ultra-popular competitive first-person shooter game where players engage in intense team-based battles as terrorists or counter-terrorists across various maps and game modes. CS:GO is all about tactical gameplay, precise aiming, and strategic teamwork. 

Meanwhile, players, collectors, and investors recognize the allure of owning exclusive and rare CS:GO skins. These digital items hold sentimental value for players and often showcase individuals’ style and prestige within the game.

A new factory version of pattern 661 can fetch up to $400,000…

As the long-awaited CS:GO sequel approaches, the demand for these coveted skins is expected to skyrocket. Their limited supply coupled with CS:GO’s growing player base will likely drive up demand for and prices of CS:GO weapon skins.

With the upcoming release, it is speculated that CS:GO skins will increase in value, making them an intriguing investment opportunity for collectors and investors alike.

Why are CSGO skins so valuable?

CSGO's best skins hold value due to factors like rarity, attractiveness, special variants, investment potential, and liquidity. The best weapon skins in CS:GO, with limited availability and high demand, carry significant worth. Rarity—determined by drop rates—substantially influences prices, with rarer weapon skins, such as knife skins, commanding higher market values.

Skins that are difficult to obtain or unbox, like those found in the Operation Phoenix Weapon Case, tend to demand higher prices. Knives and gloves are particularly coveted due to scarcity, with some reaching thousands of dollars.

Additionally, the appeal of CSGO skins plays a crucial role. Attractive designs and unique patterns, like those on the Neon Rider or Water Elemental, elevate a skin's value, with players acquiring such best CS skins to enhance their in-game experience. Professional players seek these visually striking "Play Skins" for tournaments.

Special variants like Factory New, Minimal Wear, StatTrak™, and Souvenir weapon skins can be even more valuable. Some collectors view skins as investments, with certain Horizon Collection and Gamma Collection skins offering potential returns.

Considering liquidity is crucial, as easily sellable weapon skins in CS:GO, like the Royal Paladin and Mecha Industries, offer flexibility for converting to cash.

Best weapon skins in CSGO

Now that we've explored the significance of CS:GO skins and what makes them valuable, let's dive into the cream of the crop. We've curated a list of the best weapon skins in CS:GO, based on rarity, design from collections like Breakout Collection and Spectrum Case, and investment potential.

So whether you're into sleek black backgrounds or flashy, colorful extravaganzas from the Danger Collection, there's something for everyone on this list. Ready to spruce up your weapons and level up your CS:GO swagger? Let's rush into the top eight best weapon skins.

1. The Prince

  • Price Range: $2,600 to $5,000
  • Highest Sale Price: $7,000
  • Supply: 2,700
  • Weapon: AWP
  • Type: The Canals Collection

The Prince AWP can’t be obtained by opening any containers, but only as part of The Canals Collection.

The AWP The Prince, unveiled in November 2019 during the "Operation Shattered Web" update, is one of the rarest and most highly coveted sniper rifle weapon skins CS has to offer. With a drop probability of merely 0.64% and a price range of $2,600 to $5,069, it remains one of the more affordable skins.

Though not as popular as other skins, The Prince’s unique red and gold "Gunsmith" finish is widely accessible—it’s pretty cheap compared to more expensive skins, yet it still has the premium look. 

Owned by many professional players and classified as Covert rarity, the AWP The Prince holds potential as an investment opportunity for collectors and investors in the best CS:GO skins market.

2. Fire Serpent

  • Price Range: $574 to $5,178
  • Highest Sale Price: $9,125
  • Supply: 20,600
  • Weapon: AK-47
  • Type: The Bravo Collection

The  Fire Serpent AK-47 is a rare drop, with an estimated drop chance of only 0.64%.

The AK-47 Fire Serpent was introduced to CS:GO nine years ago as part of the Operation Bravo Case and quickly became a symbol of prestige and rarity. This skin is a rare and highly popular rifle weapon skin in CS:GO, introduced during the "Operation Bravo" update in September 2013.

Obtained from the Operation Bravo Case, it belongs to the Covert rarity with a drop chance of 0.64%. Priced between $574 and $5,178, it’s expensive yet relatively attainable compared to the best CS:GO skins.

Featuring a customizable green-tinted Fire Serpent finish, it has garnered positive community sentiment and is owned by professional players like Coldzera and Fallen. With its rarity and widespread popularity, the AK-47 Fire Serpent has investment potential for collectors and investors.

3. Welcome to the Jungle 

  • Price Range: $632 to $10,000
  • Highest Sale Price: $10,000
  • Supply: 3,300
  • Weapon: M4A1-S
  • Type: The Ancient Collection

This custom paint job features ancient iconography and a golden pit viper before a dusk-tinted jungle background.

The M4A1-S Welcome to the Jungle is a must-have item from CSGo’s weapon skin collections since the M4A1-S is one of the best rifles in the game. The skin was introduced in December 2020 during the "Operation Broken Fang" update.

The only way to obtain them is from containers like the Paris 2023 Ancient Souvenir Package—it belongs to the Covert rarity with a drop chance of only 0.64%. These highly sought-after collectible skins are priced between $632 and $10,000.

With its customizable "Welcome to the Jungle" finish, positive community sentiment, and ownership by professional players like Krimz, Snax, and Jkaem, the M4A1-S Welcome to the Jungle presents an enticing investment opportunity. Despite being less popular, its rarity, wide availability, and favorable ratings make it an appealing choice for CS:GO skin investors.

4. Gungnir

  • Price Range: $6,850 to $12,200
  • Highest Sale Price: $14,500
  • Supply: 3,200
  • Weapon: AWP
  • Type: The Norse Collection

The  Gungnir AWP can’t be obtained by opening containers but only as part of the Norse Collection.

The AWP Gungnir, a rare and expensive Sniper Rifle skin in  CS:GO, was released in November 2019 during the "Operation Shattered Web" update. With a drop chance of only 0.64% and a price range of $6,855 battle-scarred to $12,200 for factory new, the weapon skin is widely accessible and can be purchased from various markets.

Its unique "Gunsmith" style, featuring bright colors and a captivating blue, cyan, and white color scheme, has made it desirable among the CS:GO skin collector community. Professional players like Jasonr, M0nesy, and Woro2k own this particular skin.

Investors interested in the CS:GO weapon skin market, the AWP Gungnir's rarity, availability, and positive ratings make it an enticing investment.

5. Wild Lotus

  • Price Range: $2,750 to $11,750
  • Highest Sale Price: $13,800
  • Supply: 2,800
  • Weapon: AK-47
  • Type: The St. Marc Collection,

The entire body of the rifle is adorned with a floral ornament painted in various shades of green and complemented with images of lotus flowers and leaves.

The AK-47 Wild Lotus, released in November 2019 as part of "Operation Shattered Web," is a rare and unique Rifle weapon skin in CS:GO.

With a drop chance of just 0.64% and a price range of  $2,758 for battle-scarred to $11,755 for factory new, it holds significant value and exclusivity. Although less popular, the weapon skin is readily available for those who want to buy it.

Its unique "Custom Paint Job" pattern gives it an eye-catching green and pink color scheme. The skin is owned by renowned players like S1mple, Jkaem, and Boltz, indicating that the AK-47 Wild Lotus could be an investment opportunity for CS:GO weapon skin collectors and investors.

6. Howl

  • Price Range: $3,680 to $15,000
  • Highest Sale Price: $30,500
  • Supply: 6,700
  • Weapon: M4A4
  • Type: The Huntsman Collection 

Due to copyright violations, the M4A4 Howl skin was redesigned and removed from the Huntsman Weapon Case. It’s the most expensive skin for the M4A4.

The M4A4 Howl, introduced in CSGO on May 1, 2014, as part of The Huntsman Collection, is a coveted weapon skin. It sports a distinctive red-and-black color scheme with an orange-white gradient wolf's head. With a Float Value ranging from 0.00 to 0.40, the weapon skin's wolf's head image shows minimal wear. The pattern index has no impact on its appearance. 

The M4A4 has undergone several cosmetic variations, including the renowned M4A4 Howl CS:GO skin. Despite being released nine years ago, the Howl remains an ultra-rare and highly sought-after skin due to its Contraband rarity classification and unique design.

Initially removed due to copyright issues, it has regained its place as the most expensive M4A4 weapon skin with limited availability. Its rarity and high price make it a rarely-seen gem in-game, making it a sought-after investment opportunity for collectors.

7. Case-Hardened 

  • Price Range: $137 to $650
  • Highest Sale Price: $447,000
  • Supply: 77,900
  • Weapon: AK-47
  • Type: The Arms Deal Collection

The "661 ST MW 4xTT holo" is one of the most expensive CSGO skins in the world—so much so that it required the listing site to raise its price cap to accommodate its $447,000 price tag.

The AK-47 Case Hardened was introduced to CS:GO nine years ago as part of "The Arms Deal" update. It’s a highly coveted rifle skin with a rarity of Classified and a drop chance of only 3.2%. This is an extremely popular skin due to its high sales volume and price. Despite being one of the more expensive weapon skins, it is widely available on various markets. 

The “tier 1 blue gem” version is arguably the best weapon skin of the AK-47—a distinction that makes all the difference. A new factory version of pattern 661 can fetch up to $400,000—other tier-one patterns can sell for tens of thousands. 

The AK-47 Case Hardened features a unique color combination, the "Patina" style, with a finish influenced by pattern index. With ownership by professional players like Krimz, Happy, and Byali, you can invest in the AK-47 Case Hardened to capitalize on its rarity, popularity, and desirability in the CS weapon skin market.

8. Dragon Lore

  • Price Range: $3,900 to $431,493
  • Highest Sale Price: $445,000
  • Supply: 5,800
  • Weapon: AWP
  • Type: The Cobblestone Collection

CS:GO introduced the Dragon Lore AWP eight years ago as part of the Boston 2018 Cobblestone Souvenir Package.

The Dragon Lore AWP from The Cobblestone Collection remains one of the most sought-after weapon skins in CS:GO. It first appeared in July 2014 during Operation Breakout.

This weapon skin boasts remarkable details—an olive body adorned by a fierce fire-breathing dragon design, complemented by Celtic ornaments. Its float value ranges from 0.00 to 0.70, making it available in conditions varying from battle-scarred to factory new.

As a Covert quality skin, the AWP Dragon Lore is considered one of the game's most expensive and best CSGO skins. Its souvenir version is even more valuable, costing around 200 times more than the regular Dragon Lore skin.

Because of its hefty price tag, the AWP Dragon Lore is seldom seen during gameplay. However, investing in this unique weapon skin could provide an opportunity to capitalize on its rarity, desirability, and prestige within the CSGO skin market.

Is a CSGO weapon skin a good investment?

Over the past year, the CS:GO weapon skins market has gained traction as an intriguing investment opportunity within the gaming community. Steam, the groundbreaking platform for digital goods exchange, first introduced the concept in 2012. Today, Counter-Strike and its community market play crucial roles in the game, enabling players to buy, sell, and trade in-game content.

Recent developments, such as the release of Counter-Strike 2 on the Source 2 engine, have contributed to significant price increases. Skins like USP-S (StatTrak™) Orion and Souvenir Desert Eagle Fennec Fox saw their values surge by over 100%. Sticker prices, such as Sticker MOUZ (Gold) Stockholm 2021, have also reached all-time highs.

While market stability remains unpredictable, investing in the best CS:GO skins have the potential to yield remarkable returns. The expanding community and the consistent demand for visually stunning skins contribute to their growing value.

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