Best Blastoise Pokémon Cards to Collect

Blastoise Pokémon cards boast beautiful designs and high values, propelling them into the wishlist of collectors eager to invest. Eye-catching designs and holofoils make Blastoise cards coveted assets.

Updated Jun 14, 2023

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The immense popularity of Pokemon has thrust Blastoise cards into the wishlists of gamers and collectors. With eye-catching designs and shiny holofoils, these cards are the treasured assets everyone wants to plunder.

From the 1997 Carddass Blastoise Prism to the First Edition Blastoise Holo, you'll find their values spanning the spectrum from pocket change to king's ransom—depending on their PSA grading and rarity.

…the first edition Blastoise Holo #2 has observed remarkable prices. Notably, a PSA 10 copy sold for a sky-high $80,000 in November 2020.

The most valuable Blastoise Pokemon cards have made waves in the memorabilia world, making them the ultimate catch for investors seeking high-potential assets. Let’s set sail to uncover why they're worth their weight in gold (or at least Pokécoins) and share some wisdom before you take the plunge.

Why is the Blastoise Pokemon card so valuable? 

The Blastoise cards rank among the most valuable Pokémon cards due to their rarity, age, condition, demand, and popularity among collectors. Blastoise cards can range from $10 to $40,000 or more depending on factors such as the set it came from, PSA grading, and condition.

This 1998 Gold Border Blastoise Pokemon card sold at Heritage Auctions for $216,000 on July 24, 2021.

The most valuable ones include the first edition and Shadowless Blastoise cards, which can sell for tens of thousands of dollars in mint condition.

For instance, the Blastoise Hologram Galaxy Star card sold for $360,000 in January 2021, while the Gold Border Blastoise Pokemon card from 1998 sold for $216,000 in July 2021. Even unique error cards are coveted, with some selling for thousands of dollars.

Most valuable Blastoise Pokemon card list

A few elusive Blastoise cards, like the Dark Blastoise from the Team Rocket set and the 1997 Pocket Monsters Carddass Blastoise card by Bandai, are highly coveted by collectors. 

Join our adventure into the most valuable Blastoise Pokemon cards, including their current price ranges, graded population, and auction results.

1. 1997 Pocket Monsters Blastoise Prism Carddass #009

  • Price Range: $33 to $1,245
  • Highest Sale Price: $1,245
  • PSA 10 Supply: 35

A PSA 10-graded 1997 Pocket Monsters Carddass Blastoise Prism #009 sold for $1,245 in December 2020.

The 1997 Pocket Monsters Carddass Blastoise Prism #009 card has an action-packed sequence of Blastoise shooting its dual water cannons.

The card sells for at least $33, with its highest price reaching $1,245 in December 2020. This is one scarce collectible with a PSA 10 supply of just 35 as of May 2023.

2. 2000 Pokemon Rocket Dark Blastoise Holo #3

  • Price Range: $233 to $910
  • Highest Sale Price: $2,730
  • PSA 10 Supply: 54

The supply is PSA 10-graded 2000 Pokemon Rocket Dark Blastoise Holo #3 is 54 as of May 2023, making it relatively scarcer.

The 2000 Rocket Dark Blastoise Holo #3 is an exciting collector's item with its distinctive dark coloring and beautiful holofoil design.

Over 15 copies of this number three holofoil card were sold in April 2023 on Goldin and eBay for prices between $40 and $160. Its highest-ever sale price was $2,730 in February 2018. This is definitely one card to pay attention to.

3. 1999 Pokemon Game Blastoise Holo #2 (Shadowless)

  • Price Range: $161 to $15,000
  • Highest Sale Price: $8,100
  • PSA 10 Supply: 41

The Shadowless 1999 Pokemon Game Blastoise Holo #2 is part of the original English set.

The 1999 Pokemon Game Blastoise Holo #2 is a Shadowless card, meaning the character box art does not have a drop shadow.

Keep tabs on this card because it fetched its highest sale price of $8,100 in July 2020 on eBay, but a recent gem-mint copy sold for $5,800 in January 2023.

4. 2004 Pokemon Blastoise Ex-Holo #104 (Fire Red and Leaf Green)

  • Price Range: $106 to $1,850
  • Highest Sale Price: $5,200
  • PSA 10 Supply: 137

A PSA 10-graded 2004 Pokemon Ex Blastoise Ex-Holo #104 (Fire Red and Leaf Green) sold for $5,200 on October 2020.

This Ex-Holo #104 (Fire Red and Leaf Green) card looks cool with its blue and silver design elements. This Holo Rare has sold at high prices, recently reaching up to $1,370 on the market in March 2023 and $1,250 on January 2023—all on eBay.

This card holds a special power in the gameplay, allowing you to attach a Water Energy card from your hand to one of your Pokemon with just one damage counter during your turn. The 2004 Pokemon Ex Blastoise Ex-Holo #104 could be a good choice if you’re investing in Pokemon cards.

5. 2013 Pokemon Black and White Plasma Storm Blastoise #137 

  • Price Range: $20 to $2,300
  • Highest Sale Price:  $1,876
  • PSA 10 Supply: 45

The PSA 10 supply of 2013 Pokemon Black and White Plasma Storm Blastoise #137 is just 45 as of May 2023.

The 2013 Pokemon Black and White Plasma Storm Blastoise #137 features a golden border design. Recent sales range from $20 to $2,300, and only 45 have been graded gem mint by PSA so far, making it a scarce collectible.

6. 1999 First Edition Blastoise Holo #2

  • Price Range: $76 to $38,600
  • Highest Sale Price: $80,000
  • PSA 10 Supply: 101

A PSA 10-graded First Edition Blastoise Holo #2 sold for $80,000 in November 2020.

The base set Blastoise #2 is a coveted Holo Pokemon card hailing from one of the earliest English sets. 

A PSA 10 copy sold for a sky-high $80,000 in November 2020, but this card is still accessible at reasonable prices, from $76 to $38,600, depending on the PSA grade.

Are Blastoise Pokemon cards a good investment?

Blastoise Pokémon cards prices span from affordable to remarkably high. Many of them are potentially sound investments because of their limited gem mint supply.

Their striking designs and scarcity make Blastoise cards sought-after collectibles. Keeping track of the market and staying updated with price trends over time is crucial if you want to capitalize on Blastoise cards if they become profitable investments.

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