Top Six Brett Favre Rookie Cards

From the affordable Pro Set Platinum to the expensive Stadium Club Super Bowl XXVI, our Brett Favre rookie cards pack a lot of investment potential.

Updated Jun 7, 2023

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Long Term Growth

Legendary quarterback Brett Favre was no overnight success. It took him 20 seasons in the NFL, three MVP awards, and one Superbowl title to make it to the top.

Putting money into the 1991 Stadium Club Brett Favre rookie card could be a smart move since misprints are often more popular and fetch higher prices.

And now, his rookie cards are becoming a hot commodity, so we dive deep into high-potential rookie cards from Brett Favre's rookie season worth investing in.

Who is Brett Favre?

Brett Lorenzo Favre is a former American football quarterback who played in the NFL for 20 seasons, primarily with the Green Bay Packers. Favre achieved many accolades, including 321 consecutive starts, 297 regular season games, 70,000 yards, 10,000 passes, 6,000 completions, 500 touchdowns, and wins over all 32 teams.

Favre played college football at the University of Southern Mississippi and was selected by the Atlanta Falcons in the second round of the 1991 NFL Draft. He was then traded to the Packers to revitalize a declining franchise.

Most valuable Brett Favre rookie cards

Brett Favre cards are highly sought-after in the trading card market. Notable options include the Pro Set Platinum Rookie card #290 and Stadium Club's Super Bowl XXVI Rookie card. Collectibles, like the uniquely designed Stripe parallel cards, can offer substantial returns on investment.

Consider taking advantage of the current market prices because these cards are a jackpot.  Here are our top six Brett Favre's rookie cards to invest in.

1. 1991 Topps Stadium Club Brett Farve RC #94

  • Price Range: $5 to $330
  • PSA Highest Sale Price: $1,247
  • PSA 10Supply: 1,971
  • Brand: Topps Stadium Club

A PSA 10-graded 1991 Topps Stadium Club Brett Farve #94 fetched a record-breaking $1,247 in February 2021.

The 1991 Topps Stadium Club Brett Farve rookie card is one of the most popular among collectors. As seen in the image above, it was released with a spelling mistake in his name, making it a unique collectible.

This piece of history has a PSA-10 supply of 1,971 copies and fetched $1,247 in February 2021. Recent sales include $218 on April 8, 2023; $227 on April 4, 2023; and $207 on March 20, 2023, all for gem mints on eBay. Putting money into the 1991 Stadium Club Brett Favre RC could be a smart move since misprints are often more popular and fetch higher prices.

2. 1991 Topps Stadium Club Super Bowl XXVI Brett Favre RC 94#

  • Price Range: $94 to $518
  • Highest Sale Price: $6,228
  • PSA 10 Supply: 68
  • Brand: Topps Stadium Club

Prices for the 1991 Topps Stadium Club Super Bowl XXVI Brett Favre Rookie Card #94 peaked at $6,228 in March 2021.

The 1991 Stadium Club Super Bowl XXVI Brett Favre Rookie Card (#94) is highly prized, with 68 PSA 10s available and prices from $94 to $518. The record sale for this card hit $6,228 in March 2021. Like the one above, its misspelled name could affect its appeal to collectors.

The Super Bowl XXVI is a parallel of the 1991 Stadium Club Brett Farve rookie card that’s distinguishable only by an embossed Super Bowl XXVI logo. The parallel is considered a more premium rookie card.

Recent sales of this card include $430 on March 26, 2023; $605 on December 14, 2022; and $630 on November 19, 2021—all for PSA 9 cards. Then there's also a gem mint sale of $3,400 on June 29, 2021.

3. 1991 Pro Set Brett Favre Rookie Card #762

  • Price Range: $5 to $120
  • Highest Sale Price: $190
  • PSA 10 Supply: 283
  • Brand: Pro Set

The 1991 Pro Set Brett Favre RC #762 with the “The Official NFL Card” tag has yet to sell for over $200.

The 1991 Pro Set Brett Favre rookie card #762—featuring him in a Falcons jersey—is an ideal pick for long-term investors. It has a classic design with a "The Official NFL Card" label.

Recent sales range from $5 to $120, reaching a high of $190 via eBay on May 26, 2020. It's a highly desired collectible with only 283 cards graded a coveted PSA 10.

4. 1991 Upper Deck Brett Favre Rookie Card #13 

  • Price Range: $4 to $45
  • Highest Sale Price: $300
  • PSA 10 Supply: 1,968
  • Brand: Upper Deck

A PSA-10 1991 Upper Deck Brett Favre rookie card #13 sold for $300 on March 31, 2021.

The 1991 Upper Deck Brett Favre Rookie Card #13 is a popular release depicting Favre sitting on the bench in his rookie season. It’s an affordable Favre rookie card, typically selling on eBay from $4 to $45.

A PSA 10 Upper Deck Favre rookie card #13 sold for $300 in March 2021, but a sale for $48 on eBay on April 3, 2023, reflects more current prices. The market for the Upper Deck Brett Favre RC seems to be at a good entry point for novices and seasoned collectors.

5. 1991 Topps Classic Brett Favre Rookie Card #30 

  • Price Range: $2 to $30
  • Highest Sale Price: $76 
  • PSA 10 Supply: 1,063
  • Brand: Classic Draft Picks

A PSA-10 1991 Classic Draft Picks Brett Favre rookie card #30 sold for a record-breaking $76 in January 2022.

The 1991 classic Brett Favre rookie card #30 is another collectible that could make for an excellent investment if you're looking for a low-budget option. Recent auctions have yielded prices ranging from $2 to $30, with the highest sale price topping out at $76 in January 2022.

A PSA 10 supply of just 1,063 as of April 2023 means this card is scarce yet more available than the other cards on this list. The design reflects the era it was released, with the marble-style border and overall card design. Remember, you can never predict the next Brett Favre card to be a touchdown.

Investors would be wise to act now on this classic rookie card, as its recent sale prices indicate that it could rise in value quickly and become one of the best sports cards to invest in today.

6. 1991 Pro Set Platinum Brett Favre Rookie Card #290 

  • Price Range: $11 to $65 
  • Highest Sale Price: $130
  • PSA 10 Supply: 482
  • Brand: Pro Set

The 1991 Pro Set Platinum Brett Favre Rookie Card #290 has a PSA-10 supply of 482.

The 1991 Pro Set Platinum Brett Favre Rookie Card #290 is another affordable Favre rookie card to add to your collection. A PSA 10-graded card recently sold on eBay for $60 in January 2023, and another fetched $77 in March of the same year.

The card hit its highest recorded sale price of $130 in March 2021—who knows what heights it could reach next? This card isn't solely for Brett Favre fans either—its timeless design makes it a coveted piece of memorabilia for collectors.

Are Brett Favre rookie cards a good investment?

Brett Favre rookie cards have historically seen strong value growth, making them a potentially solid investment—the most valuable rookie cards can reach prices of up to $6,300.

Brett Favre, one of the most popular football players in NFL history, is known for his illustrious career with the Green Bay Packers and his memorable victory in Super Bowl XXXI. With such an impressive resume, it's no surprise that Brett Favre rookie cards are highly sought after by sports card collectors.

Some of the most notable Brett Favre rookie cards include the 1991 Upper Deck, 1991 Topps Stadium Club, 1991 Pro Set Platinum, and base Pro Set cards. Favre's cards often feature him with the Atlanta Falcons, where he began his NFL journey before becoming a Packers legend. The Pro Set Platinum Brett Favre card, in particular, stands out with its gold foil design and inclusion in the Rookie Force subset.

When searching for these invaluable sports cards, looking for premium collectibles—such as the Pacific card or Platinum card—may add more value to your collection. The 1991 Upper Deck set with the Favre RC, distributed across North and South America, is a sought-after time capsule for fans and collectors alike. You might even find a rare autograph or specific numbered version, enhancing its worth.

Though an additional collection of base versions and base cards can still be valuable, collectors should be extra careful and vigilant when determining price, condition, and authenticity. Researching prices on various sites and monitoring sales details are essential to ensuring your purchases are smart investments. In your endeavors, you might stumble upon a rare sticker or card featuring Favre's time with the Falcons or even a card capturing the Packers' Super Bowl win.

In conclusion, investing in and collecting Brett Favre rookie cards is an enjoyable and potentially rewarding hobby for any football fan. By exploring different options and card types, you can commemorate one of the most iconic players in NFL history.

Collectors should focus on proper care, storage, and handling to ensure continued value appreciation. It's crucial to research before investing in sports cards to make well-informed decisions.

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