Top Five Charmander Pokemon Cards Worth Collecting

The ever-evolving value of Charmander cards has brought Base Set cards up to thousands of dollars. Here are the top five Charmander Pokemon cards to light up your collection.

Updated Jul 11, 2023

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Charmander has been stealing hearts since its debut in the first generation of Pokémon in 1998. With over 105 unique Charmander cards and 91 variations, this fire-type Pokemon from the original 151 has become a pop culture stable over the last 25 years.

Recent Charmander-Holo Hidden Fates #SV6 card sales range from $7 to $1250—with over 5,048 PSA 10-graded copies in circulation, finding high-graded cards at a reasonable price is possible.

If you're captivated by its final evolution, dazzling appearance, or fiery attack, a Charmander Pokemon card will ignite your passion. The Base Set cards stand out, with some valued at around $100. These Pokemon cards will surely set Charmander enthusiasts’ collections ablaze.

Why are Charmander Pokemon cards so valuable?

Charmander Pokemon cards are highly sought-after for their nostalgic value and rarity. The cards feature either a 1st Edition or Shadowless design, which makes them even rarer and highly sought after. These cards are a true collector's item, with 28 English card expansions and 34 Japanese expansions.

Charmander Pokemon card list

If you want to add fire to your Pokémon card collection, look no further than a sizzlingly iconic Charmander Pokemon card. With several cards to choose from, you are sure to find something that fits your pocket.

From a Base Set classic to the rarest of e-reader cards, the prices of these cards can range drastically, from a low of $7 to a sky-high $7,100. Each card is packed with plenty of Pokemon humor and charm—check out the top five Charmander cards, their prices, and why they’re super coveted and collectible.

1. 1999 Pokemon Game Charmander #46 (1st Edition)

  • Price Range: $20 to $1,200
  • Highest Sale Price: $7,100
  • PSA 10 Supply: 924

The Charmander #46 (1st Edition) sold for $1700 in November 2020 on eBay.  

For any true Pokémon collector, the 1999 Pokémon Base Set Charmander #46 1st Edition Card is an all-time classic. With 924 PSA 10 graded cards, these original pieces have fetched extremely high prices—the most expensive sale reached an impressive $7,100 in November 2020.

Recent sales have ranged from $23 (PSA 6) to $263 (PSA 9). The iconic fire-type Pokémon card is a great choice for those looking to add heat to their collection. 

2. 2004 Pokemon EX Fire Red & Leaf Green Charmander-Holo #113

  • Price Range: $23 to $600
  • Highest Sale Price: $750
  • PSA 10 Supply: 88

With a PSA 10 supply of 88, the Charmander-Holo #113 is a sought-after Pokemon card. 

The Charmander-Holo #113 is among the most valuable and rarest Pokemon cards. This secret rare card from the Ex Fire Red Leaf Green set is highly sought after in near-mint condition for its artwork by legendary illustrator Ken Sugimori.

Recent sales range from $41 to $333, with the highest sale price hitting an impressive $750 in February 2021. If you can get your hands on one, you’ll be privy to a limited supply of 88 PSA 10-graded cards.

3. 2003 Pokemon EX Dragon Charmander-Holo #98

  • Price Range: $14 to $950
  • Highest Sale Price: $811
  • PSA 10 Supply: 100

There are just 100 PSA 10 copies of the Charmander-Holo #98 on record.

The 2003 Charmander-Holo EX Dragon #98 card is incredibly valuable due to its e-reader status and low gem mint supply. The card has been sold for up to almost $2,000, which indicates this rare card's high worth.

Even a card graded PSA 4 can fetch up to $14, which is great for those looking to acquire a Holographic Charmander card at a lower cost. Recent eBay sales show steady competition and value for this card.

4. 2016 Pokemon XY Evolutions Charmander-Holo #9 (Cosmos-Toys R US)

  • Price Range: $32 to $630
  • Highest Sale Price: $1,000
  • PSA 10 Supply: 86

The Charmander-Holo #9 (Cosmos-Toys R US) has a PSA 10 supply of 86 and sold for $1000 in March 2021 on eBay. 

The 2016 Charmander Holo #9 from the Cosmos Toys R Us set remains a popular and valuable trading card today. The card features a Charmander illustrated by the iconic Mitsuhiro Arita and has a Holo finish, making it extra special.

The highest sale price for this card was $1,000, ranging from $32 to $630 depending on its condition and the owner’s valuation. A PSA 10-graded card would be highly sought after as only 86 are known to exist.

5. 2019 Pokemon Sun & Moon Hidden Fates Charmander-Holo #SV6

  • Price Range: $7 to $39
  • Highest Sale Price: $1,250
  • PSA 10 Supply: 5,048

The Charmander-Holo #SV6 has a PSA 10 supply of 5,048. 

This rare and sought-after Shiny Charmander from the Hidden Fates set will surely make collectors swoon. With its classic artwork and rarity, the 2019 Charmander Holo Hidden Fates card is prized by fans of the Pokémon Trading Card Game worldwide.

Recent Charmander Holo Hidden Fates card sales fetched prices ranging from $7 all the way up to $1,250. With over 5,048 PSA 10-graded copies in circulation, it’s still possible to find high-graded cards at a reasonable price.

Are Charmander Pokémon cards a good investment?

Investing in Charmander Pokemon cards can be smart if you find rare, top-quality cards. Low-priced cards have a good chance of increasing in value—especially if they’re in mint condition.

Prices for Charmander cards can range from $5 to over a thousand dollars based on their edition and condition. Quick tip: Aim for rare and well-kept cards to get the most bang for your buck.

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