Rich Dudes│How YouTuber David Dobrik Turned Online Gags into a $20M Net Worth

From Slovakia to stardom, check out how David Dobrik amasses a $20 million net worth. Here’s how this YouTuber turned viral videos into serious wealth.

Updated Jul 20, 2023

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David Dobrik, born in 1996 in Slovakia and raised among the cornfields of Illinois, cracked the code of internet stardom—first on Vine, then on YouTube. Leader of the Vlog Squad, a rotating ensemble of online jesters, Dobrik's comedic bravado racked up subscribers like bills in a mogul's wallet.

How much is David Dobrik worth? A cool $20 million. Not too shabby if you ask us.

Amid a swirl of scandal, YouTube hits Dobrik with the demonetization hammer. Most would have thrown in the towel. Not our guy Dobrik.

Dobrik’s YouTube channels were demonetized, drastically reducing his YouTube ad revenue from $275,000 to $2,000 per month.

Instead, he puts his entrepreneurial hat on. Quantum leaps into real estate investing, splashes serious cash on fancy cars, and dives headfirst into the competitive pizza and app market. In other words, Dobrik's just swapped out YouTube likes for property deeds and dough—lots of it.

From humble beginnings on the now-defunct Vine platform, David Dobrik has become a formidable force on social media, amassing 18 million subscribers on his main YouTube channel. Raised in Vernon Hills, Illinois, David’s journey began with comedy skits and collaborations with fellow Vine stars.

David Dobrik net worth at a glance

Net worth

$20 million


July 23, 1996


Slovak born in Košice, Slovakia 

Became a millionaire at



YouTuber and entrepreneur

Sources of wealth

YouTube, Vine, and endorsements

Asset classes

Real estate and luxury cars

Since launching his own YouTube channel in 2015, David’s unique vlogging style and high-energy content, combined with the support of his ever-changing YouTube group, the Vlog Squad, has propelled him to YouTube stardom and earned him the choice male web star title.

Collaborating with friends like Jason Nash, David Dobrik’s career has been filled with viral videos, comedy vlogs, and challenge videos that capture the attention of millions worldwide. 

He won a Diamond Play Button award in 2018 and was even featured in Paper magazine’s “10 Social Media Personalities Making the Most Noise” list that same year. With such a prolific career, it’s no wonder that David Dobrik’s net worth has skyrocketed to an estimated $20 million.

How David Dobrik made his money

David Dobrik made a splash on the digital scene as a content creator, etching his name among the stars of young Hollywood. His journey to his net worth started off with him making comedic vlogs, based on real-life situations, for his first, then second, and eventually third YouTube channel, which quickly became three of the most viewed creator channels. His unmistakable wit marked the beginning of a successful YouTube career.

It's not all digital, though—he's got his hands in the brick and mortar, too. Dobrik purchased real estate, notably his Studio City home, which includes its very own in-house recording studio. He even co-owns a pizza joint called Doughbrik’s Pizza, branching his brand into the food service industry.

Then there's the online merch, hoodies, and tees galore that he sells via various social media platforms, bringing in a steady stream of revenue. Not one to shy away from innovation, Dobrik launched an eye-catching photography app, Dispo, that’s gained immense popularity. All this while raking in dough from direct sponsorship deals with massive brands sprinkled in between his YouTube videos.

Despite a few hurdles—like YouTube's demonetization policies—Dobrik pressed on, joined by pals like Liza Koshy, Scotty Sire, Sara Dobrik, and Ester Dobrik. He showed up as a guest judge on many shows, hosted Dodgeball Thunderdome, and regularly snagged appearances on platforms like the Tonight Show, Chopped Junior, and the American Music Awards.

Considering where he started, a high school student at Vernon Hills High School, it's nothing short of extraordinary his journey to make it to Dávid Julián Dobrík—lauded by People Magazine and Paper Magazine as one of the internet's biggest personalities. Today, David Dobrik is indisputably one of the highest-paid YouTube stars and a major online influencer.

Let’s take a closer look at the various income streams that contribute to David Dobrik’s net worth. We’ll examine his YouTube earnings, including the impact of demonetization on his income, the lucrative brand partnerships and sponsorships that have bolstered his wealth, and his merchandise lines and business ventures, such as his pizza restaurant and mobile app, which continue to add to his fortune.


David Dobrik’s YouTube earnings have significantly contributed to his net worth, with YouTube ads reportedly fetching $275,000 per month at its peak. However, the ‘Adpocalypse’ and its stricter rules took a toll on his income, causing his channels to be demonetized in 2021. As a result, his monthly YouTube income plummeted from $275,000 to a mere $2,000.

David Dobrik's YouTube earnings shrunk from $275,000 per month at their peak to just $2,000 in 2021.
Image source: Facebook

Despite the setback, David Dobrik continues to make money from his podcast called Views, where he collaborates with fellow Vlog Squad member Jason Nash. His podcast has become his main source of income, helping him maintain his luxurious lifestyle and philanthropic efforts.

Brand partnerships and endorsements

David Dobrik has collaborated with big-name brands like EA Sports and Dunkin Donuts, showcasing his marketing prowess and ability to attract lucrative sponsorships.

Vlog Squad

Behind every YouTube sensation, there's often an entourage that adds to the charm, and in David Dobrik's case, it's the ever-ebullient Vlog Squad. This dynamic consortium of internet celebs comprising Jason Nash, Toddy Smith, Heath Hussar, and others has been instrumental in Dobrik's meteoric rise to fame.

The Vlog Squad, with members like Jason Nash and Toddy Smith, helped David Dobrik rise to fame.
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The Vlog Squad's chemistry doesn't just reflect in its charismatic content but is also foundational to Dobrik's monumental success. Their shared camaraderie, unison in humor, and creative prowess attest to the incredible power of collaboration in the digital realm.

Dobrik's massive leap from Vine to YouTube and subsequent towering net worth of $20 million could be traced back to his unique content, the Vlog Squad’s support, and his entrepreneurial endeavors.

Through mishaps and maelstroms, Dobrik remains an unflappable comeback king. His elasticity, go-getter spirit, and penchant for sharing his good fortune keep fans enamored and hopeful. His story proves the timeless truth—with grit, resolve, and a solid squad having your back, there's no ceiling to what you can reach.


Despite his immense success, David Dobrik’s journey has not been without its share of problems. Allegations of sexual assault, bullying, and causing injury to former Vlog Squad member Jeff Wittek have surfaced, leading to a $10 million lawsuit and widespread criticism.

These controversies have negatively impacted David Dobrik’s net worth and reputation. Brands such as Hello Fresh, HBO Max, and EA Sports ended their relationship with him. This decision impacted his public image and influence. On top of that, his YouTube channels were demonetized, drastically reducing his YouTube ad revenue to a modest $2,000 per month.

Despite these setbacks, David Dobrik’s net worth remains substantial, showcasing his resilience and adaptability in the ever-changing world of social media.

How David Dobrik invests his money

David Dobrik is no stranger to the sweet life. He's a real-life Santa in designer gear with a knack for showering loved ones with expensive toys and dreamy getaways. 

His sprawling properties and envy-inducing car collection are like badges of honor sewn onto his millionaire sash. Let's just say his expense account gets a good workout.

Real estate

YouTube big shot David Dobrik splurged on a $9.5 million lavish LA estate. This luxurious 7,800 square-foot Sherman Oaks mansion has picturesque views, six bedrooms, seven bathrooms, and high-end amenities like an infinity pool, a theater, and a gourmet kitchen. All in a day's spend for a celeb.

Other highlights include a Hawaiian Punch fountain inspired by the movie Mr. Deeds. The property reflects Dobrik's taste for finer pleasures and intriguing personality.

David Dobrik owns a $9.5 million, 7,800 square-foot mansion in Sherman Oaks, LAs.

The mansion features a 300-bottle wine room, a jukebox, three fireplaces, an Iron Man suit, and a splash of neon signs with catchy phrases. The expansive yard completes the luxe lifestyle with a basketball court and an infinity pool. Dobrik scored a bargain, bagging the property at a 20% discount off its original asking price of $12 million.


David Dobrik boasts a bevy of luxury and speed-set cars that complements his stardom. His eco-consciousness is demonstrated by his two Tesla Model Xs and his Model 3. Meanwhile, his love for unrestrained power and luxury is demonstrated by his Ferrari 458 Spider, a captivating red stallion from the 2011 to 2015 era. Dobrik also gifted a Lamborghini Huracan Spyder to a friend.

Dobrik's first car was a Ford Mustang Convertible that paved the road to his subsequent flashy acquisitions, including the Jeep Wrangler he gifted to his sisters. His collection also exudes a hint of retro charm with a 1976 Ford Bronco, a classic car cranking out 140 horsepower.

David Dobrik showcases a lavish car collection featuring multiple Teslas, a Ferrari 458 Spider, a gifted Lamborghini Huracan Spyder, and more.

The crown jewel of Dobrik’s auto collection is the futuristic 'Holy Trinity' Porsche 918 Spyder. Obtained by swapping his Aston Martin DBX for the hybrid hypercar in a YouTube video, Dobrik reveled in the Porsche's power, highlighting his proclivity for high-performance and luxury automobiles.


Never one to let a lucrative venture slip away, David Dobrik has turned his entrepreneurial flair towards merchandise, creating a diverse product line that spins profit and reinforces brand loyalty.

The Dobrik merch includes everything from cozy hoodies, snazzy sweaters, crewnecks, and stylish shirts, to handy phone cases and mugs. Special mentions include the fashionable Bunker Boys Hoodie, the mood-lifting 'To the Moon' Hoodie, the cool Marble Crewneck, and the Beverly Phone Case. All these are sold at the official David Dobrik store.


David has also ventured into mobile apps and food services. In 2019, he launched the Dispo app, quickly gaining popularity with over a million downloads. He also owns a pizza restaurant called Doughbrik’s Pizza, which has become a viral sensation. These business ventures showcase David Dobrik’s creativity and ambition.

Doughy delights turned Dobrik’s joint into a viral sensation, propelling it into Los Angeles's favorite pizza hotspots. This venture, his successful app, and his YouTube channel earnings showcase Dobrik's innovative drive.

Now, the specifics of Doughbrik’s Pizza revenue are kept under wraps. However, leveraging the popularity of David Dobrik's brand and the viral success of the restaurant, we can take an educated guess. Assuming average pizza sales per day and factoring in the dining, takeaway, and delivery options, Doughbrik’s Pizza could be fetching in the vicinity of $1.5 million to $3 million gross per year.

David Dobrik's take from this would depend on various factors, including overhead costs, labor, and ingredients. However, it wouldn't be too far-fetched to estimate that Dobrik's earnings from Doughbrik's Pizza could fall in the range of $400,000 to $750,000 annually, contributing amply to his yearly earnings and supporting his estimated net worth of $20 million.

YouTuber David Dobrik tapped into the food industry, opening his Chicago-style pizzeria, Doughbrik's Pizza in November 2020.


David Dobrik’s philanthropic efforts and charitable contributions must not be overlooked. He’s donated to organizations like The Innocence Project, Color of Change, the ACLU Foundation, Unicorn Riot, and the Black Lives Matter Global Network. Additionally, he has participated in initiatives like the “#FeedTheVote” campaign in partnership with Postmates, providing food to voters during the 2020 election.

David Dobrik's fervor for philanthropy unveils another layer to the YouTube sensation—a heart as big as his viewer count and a mind set on creating waves of positivity. Sure, he's seen his share of rainclouds. But underneath that umbrella, he's channeling his hard-earned clout for a higher purpose, shining a light down the path for others to follow.

To sum it all up, David Dobrik—the guy who turned his world of likes, shares, and views into a $20 million fortune—is a master class in bouncing back and spreading the wealth. His roller coaster ride to stardom, complete with twists, turns, and the occasional loop-de-loop, is a blockbuster tutorial on making lemonade from digital lemons. 

Boot up your vlogging dreams with Dobrik's cheat code: branch out your Benjamins, invest as if it's going out of style, roll with the punches like it's #Trending, and always, always, pay it forward—because even in the realm of social media, karma's got a verified account.

Above all, Dobrik delivers the real 4K-resolution picture: net worth isn't just about fattening up your piggy bank—it's about enriching the world around you.

David Dobrik investing quotes

1. Pursue excellence, not money

2. Be passionate about your craft

3. Never become complacent

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