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How did “Big George” Foreman punch his way to a $300 million fortune? Dive into his knock-out investment strategy.

Updated Aug 1, 2023

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George Edward Foreman, AKA 'Big George,’ is famous for his exceptional boxing career. From winning a gold medal at the 1968 Summer Olympics to becoming a two-time world heavyweight champion, Foreman demonstrated his prowess and power in the ring.

George Foreman, the knockout king of boxing, enjoys a lifelong love affair with cars. His ever-expanding squadron of vehicles numbers over fifty.

After hanging up his boxing gloves, Foreman delved into entrepreneurship, product endorsements, and ministry. While it's common for professional sportspersons to transition to commentary, training, or endorsements, his diverse portfolio, from clothing lines to cleaning products, sets Foreman apart, resulting in a $300 million net worth.

Foreman's achievements within and beyond the boxing ring have earned him a spot in the International Boxing Hall of Fame and a barrage of accolades.

George Foreman net worth at a glance

Net worth

$300 Million


January 10, 1949


American born in Marshall, Texas

Became a millionaire at



Boxer, entrepreneur, author, and minister

Source of wealth

Boxing, George Foreman Grill, endorsements, and TV

Asset classes

Consumer goods, real estate, cars, stocks, and books

How George Foreman made his money

Foreman's journey to financial success started not in a business school or multinational corporation, but in the boxing ring. His outstanding performance in professional boxing laid the groundwork for his future business endeavors and paved the way to financial stability.

When Foreman first retired from boxing in 1977, he experienced a financial fall from grace when bad investments brought him to the verge of bankruptcy. However, Foreman is known for his fighting spirit—he was just as tenacious outside the ring as he was in it.

Ex-boxing champ George Foreman, beyond winning Olympic gold and two world titles, amassed a $300 million fortune from business ventures.
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Big George underwent a strategic transformation and returned to boxing in 1987. Accompanying his renewed dedication to boxing, he also began showcasing a more affable and inviting public image, ingratiating himself with fans and potential business partners.

Foreman's toughness and reliability paired well with his newfound affability. The result was the highly successful George Foreman Lean Mean Grilling Machine, introduced in 1994 in collaboration with Salton, Inc. The grill was touted for its low-fat cooking capabilities, and it took the market by storm, selling over 100 million units.

Beyond the Grill's sales, Foreman cashed in even more when he sold the naming rights for $138 million in 1999. He endorsed major brands like Doritos, KFC, and Meineke, leading to a further inflow of funds. Simultaneously, he ventured into other personal product lines like cleaning solutions and clothing, which enjoyed market success.

How George Foreman invests

Foreman's investment strategy mirrors his career trajectory. Initially concentrated in boxing, his investments gradually diversified, echoing his development from a professional athlete to a multi-faceted entrepreneur.

Consumer goods remain the most significant part of his investment portfolio. Generously reaping the fruits of his grill, cleaning products, and personal care products, the sector has proven highly profitable for Foreman.

The professional boxer dipped his toes into entertainment and literature, reinvesting in his brand through books and television shows. These as well contributed to his growing wealth and public influence.

Another fascinating component of his investment portfolio is his spiritual reinvestment. As a minister, he devoted time and resources to religious work and community service, echoing his belief in a holistic approach to success, wherein measures of wealth are not solely financial.

Partnerships & endorsements

Ex-boxer George Foreman capitalized on his career windfalls to secure a sturdy financial future. Despite some slippery investment slopes in cattle and gas wells, a trust fund and a solid re-entry into boxing kept him afloat.

Following a rebound from a $5 million investment collapse and a brush with homelessness, Foreman lent his name to the iconic George Foreman Grill. While initially hesitant, he was swayed by his wife's counsel, which eventually led to the grill generating a revenue whirlwind of $200 million by 1998. To this day, its sales tally stands at over 100 million units.

George Foreman Grill generated $200 million by 1998 and has sold over 100 million units.
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An odor of success paved the way to ambassadorship for brands like Meineke, Pepsi, and McDonald's. Foreman reportedly pockets $8 million per month from the grill's profit share. His knack for selling and branding himself has led to a financial knockout punch.

Real estate

Ex-Olympic boxing champ George Foreman packs a punch in real estate, adding a $2.3 million Malibu townhome to his portfolio. The three-story 2,800-square-foot property built in 1990 boasts two master suites and an attached two-car garage, perfect for his LA stopovers.

But this is just a small slice of Foreman's property pie. Nestled in Huffman, Texas, is a 45-acre mansion estimated at over $10 million. It houses a main home, a guesthouse, and a gym. The primary dwelling spans over 12,000 square feet, offering six bedrooms and ten bathrooms.

Foreman's interpretation of the sweet life includes a custom indoor pool, a private lake, exhilarating hiking and biking trails, and his stables and pastures.

While not all of Foreman's property holdings are disclosed, the Malibu townhome and Huffman mansion alone tip the total value of his real estate over the $12.3 million mark. As for potential property suitors, no leads have surfaced at this time.


The American former professional boxer enjoys a lifelong love affair with classic cars. His ever-expanding squadron of automobiles now numbers over fifty. Each has its place, like a shiny, gleaming trophy, from fiery Lamborghinis and serious Mercedes to fabulous Ferraris and a cavalcade of all-American Chevys.

An impressive array of Corvettes show his preferred daily drives. From a classic 1963 C2 Stingray, dripping with 1960s cool; to a special edition 1996 Grand Sport, a real head-turner; to a super rare 1988 Callaway C4 convertible, the ultimate top-down rebel.

Foreman’s 1991 Acura NSX is equally enticing, the car that broke the mold with its unique combination of striking good looks and thrilling performance. It's like a stealth fighter for the road, with all angles and aggression. A 1993 Dodge Viper RT/10 Roadster also speaks volumes of his taste—an American muscle classic, this Viper has a venomous bite.

Foreman's car taste leans towards high-end vintage classics, with a special fondness for Corvettes.
Image source:

Yet, amid all the horsepower and high performance, there's a tender story. A black 1977 VW Beetle Convertible stands out among the rest. This classic transports Foreman back to his humble beginnings—when horsepower meant shoe leather used for walking, not lavish cars for cruising.

The opulence scale tips firmly with Foreman’s Rolls-Royces. A classy 1974 Silver Shadow graces his garage, symbolizing automotive perfection. He also owns a Silver Cloud, a plush ride that whispers prestige at every turn. It seems like Foreman has a stratifying taste—an impressive fleet that mirrors his rags-to-riches journey.

Speed, power, and a slice of history reside in Foreman's 2005 Ford GT. An instant classic on its launch, this beauty’s performance eclipses the Ferrari F40—an unbelievable feat by the American carmaker. And, for the record, that very Ferrari F40, an icon in its own right, is yet another gem in Foreman's expensive car collection.

But his love for Italian exotics doesn't end there. A suave Ferrari 360 Spider and a beastly 458 Italia called his garage home, too—the powerful seduction of the Italian stallion not lost on our world champ.

Tucked inconspicuously among these revered automotive giants is the oddball of the family, a 1971 Stutz Blackhawk. This car, once billed as the most expensive ride on the planet, shares the limelight with various celebrities from yesteryears, including 'The Greatest' himself, Muhammad Ali.

Foreman opts for a more grounded, day-to-day ride despite the high-octane lineup of sportscars and classics. He’s often seen in a Chevrolet Silverado Z71, a sturdy choice perfect for transporting his squad of eleven German shepherds. There's a little bit of everything in Foreman’s garage—a testament to his diverse tastes and love for cars.


George Foreman shows dynamism not just in the boxing ring but also in stock investments. Notably, his investments lie with Spectrum Brands Holdings Inc., a Consumer Packaged Goods sector titan. The company sits on the NYSE with a 

  share price, boasting a 2.16% yield—an impressive 8.8% premium over the previous year.

Spectrum Brands doesn't stop at one product. It's a melting pot operation that oversees numerous brands like Repel, Spectracide, Liquid Fence, Garden Safe, Black Flag, and Juiceman.

There’s also a historical link between George Foreman and a public company named George Foreman Enterprises. Publicly launched in August 2005, this company was associated with several George-branded products. Such offerings included the Foreman's Lean Mean Grillers and the George Foreman Knockout Cleaning System.

However, the behemoth of Foreman's branding, the George Foreman Lean Mean Fat-Reducing Grilling Machine, was manufactured by Salton Inc., not George Foreman Enterprises. Despite having George’s name attached, the company lacked solid business footing and faced severe losses. Starting at around $20 a share, the trajectory spiraled downwards, eventually leading to the company’s demise.

Spectrum Brands reported a $3.1 billion revenue in 2022—an upswing of 4.5% from 2021. However, this yin met with a contrasting yang, with a 62.2% dip in net income and a 63.8% drop in net profit margin from the previous year. The company’s current market capitalization is 


Television & entertainment

Despite his boxing fame, George Foreman also wears the hat of an entertainer with impressive stints in films and TV shows over several decades. His cinema credentials include notable performances in Ali the Man: Ali the Fighter (1975), Champions Forever (1989), and I Am Ali (2014), among others. On the small screen, he has graced The Bob Hope ShowGarfield and Friends, and featured in Facing Ali.

A youthful Texan titan, Foreman brought Smokin' Joe Frazier to his knees in 1973. But the same titan met his match in Muhammad Ali's jungle rumble, inspiring an Oscar-winning tale.

Sony’s biopic, Big George Foreman, highlights his faith-fueled journey from rags to boxing riches. Foreman also hints at working with WWE ventures.

Sony's April 2023 biopic Big George Foreman celebrates the boxer's journey from poverty to triumphant champion.
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Still endorsing his signature George Foreman Grill and functioning as a minister in Houston, Foreman's entertainment saga gears up for another round. Despite personal hurdles, he never loses sight of the spotlight.


George Foreman isn't a one-trick pony. Sure, he's all about the punches in the ring and the sizzle on the grill, but there's more to him. He's quite the bookworm, too—you might even call him a literary pugilist.

He's issued ten knockout books, each contributing to a hefty paycheck. From riveting ringside memoirs to family-friendly cookbooks, even spiritual commentaries, Foreman's words pack a punch.

Beyond the ring and grill, George Foreman penned various memoirs, cookbooks, and spiritual books, including his recipe trove George Foreman's Big Book of Grilling, Barbecue, and Rotisserie.
Image source:

Adding to his hits are Foreman's famous titles like Indoor Grilling Made Easy, a handbook for those who enjoy healthy and joyful cooking. Then there's the Lean Mean Fat Reducing Grilling Machine Cookbook—it's not a diet book, but rather a love letter to tasty grilling. 

By George and God in My Corner see Foreman stepping into the ring of self-revelation, sharing his inspiring journey and spiritual growth. Then there's George Foreman's Big Book of Grilling, Barbecue, and Rotisserie. Despite its mouthful of a title, it's jam-packed with lip-smacking recipes.


American former professional boxer George Foreman, a gold medal-winning Olympic contestant and two-time World Heavyweight Champion, showed masterful prowess not just in boxing, but also in giving back. Known for his philanthropy, Foreman invested a part of his earnings into the George Foreman Youth and Community Center.

 Located in Houston, Texas, his efforts have streamlined resources for young folks to develop both personally and professionally. Foreman as an entrepreneur, philanthropist, and influencer, underscores his penchant for well-rounded success that stretches beyond sheer monetary gains.

His diversified investments spanning consumer goods, entertainment, real estate, and philanthropy all add magic to his financial playbook. George Foreman is indeed a champion in the ring, in business, and in life.

George Foreman investing quotes

1. Fear breeds failure

2. Don’t follow the crowd 

3. Fill a need

The tale of George Foreman, also known by his full name George Edward Foreman, is one for the ages. Respected as an American former professional boxer, he's also a victorious competitor in the game of life—he’s gifted with entrepreneurial flair and TV star charm. His early life as a troubled youth took a U-turn when he joined the Job Corps, setting the stage for a journey marked by perseverance.

Foreman cemented his place in sporting history with his impressive boxing career. He claimed heavyweight champion glory not once, but twice, and even clinched the Olympic gold medal during the 1968 Games in Mexico City. His punches in the Olympic ring were just a start, for he was destined to keep landing those knockout blows in various stages of his fruitful career.

No boxing history is complete without mentioning Foreman's famous fight against Muhammad Ali, a tussle that awarded him a respected place in the boxing world. He didn't just fight well-known opponents; he invited challenges that tested his fortitude as a heavyweight champion.

Having bid adieu to his career as a professional boxer, Foreman quickly established himself as a successful entrepreneur, further enlarging his sphere of impact. He channeled his inventiveness into making the George Foreman Grill in association with the grill manufacturer Salton. This fat-reducing indoor grill soon found a place in kitchens across America, sprucing up healthy meals that bore the Foreman seal of approval.

When he wasn't busy transforming homes with his indoor grills, Foreman spent his time as an ordained Baptist minister, reflecting the role faith played in shaping George Foreman’s life. His seven sons—George Jr., George III, George IV, George V, and George VI—are standing testimonials of his dedication to his richly lived life.

Foreman’s journey to success did not go unnoticed. A revered member of the International Boxing Hall of Fame, he’s been on the receiving end of numerous awards and recognitions throughout his career. Foreman made an indelible mark in the heavyweight division, becoming the oldest heavyweight champion in history at the ripe age of 45.

Now in his seventies, this two-time world heavyweight champion continues to be a force to be reckoned with. How old is George Foreman? Well, he might not be throwing punches in the ring anymore, but he still packs a hefty punch as a boxing commentator and a popular television personality. His healthy net worth of over $300 million is a testament to his continued success outside the boxing ring.

From successful boxer to successful businessman and TV star, George Foreman's story is nothing short of inspirational. Favored by the fortune of both gold medals and fat-reducing grills, Foreman's knockout determination and resilience serve as a radiant beacon to all. 

So next time you sear some juicy burgers on your George Foreman grill or catch him commentating on an electric boxing match, remember—you're witnessing the remarkable legacy of a man who’s as legendary as his grill. Certainly, George Foreman is a knockout champ in every walk of life.

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