7 Revolutionary Investment Platforms Transforming How You Grow Your Fortune

Unlock next-gen investing—from real estate, art, and technology, to crypto, with these thrilling platforms.


Updated Sep 20, 2023

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Real Estate




ETFs and Mutual Funds

1. Discover The Magic City with City Funds

Longing to own a piece of Miami but property prices have you singing the Blues?

City Funds is here to steal the show. It's as easy as investing in an index fund but with a tropical twist—access to the city’s red-hot residential real estate market.

With as little as $100, you can dip your toes in Miami's profitable real estate waters, which witnessed a whopping 188% surge in just the last decade!

Make your move in under 5 minutes.

2. Your Artful Guide to Profit with Masterworks

Who says art and profit don't mix? Masterworks grants you access to the multimillion-dollar art market, allowing you to own shares in iconic masterpieces from legends like Banksy, Basquiat, and Warhol.

With more than 750K users and a striking $750M in artworks acquired since 2018, Masterworks is painting a profitable picture for its investors.

Get impressed by their 13 consistently profitable exits and extraordinary net annualized returns of 29.03% across 6 exits. Not convinced yet? Then digest their recent exits delivering +10.4%, +13.9%, and an immense +35.0% net annualized returns.

Don't just admire art, profit from it. Join Masterworks now and bypass the waiting to snag your share of the art market.

3. Invest Brilliantly with Diamond Standard

Like diamonds that last forever, your investment should too. Diamond Standard is unlocking global treasure troves with regulator-approved diamond commodities.

Offering real-time trading with no fees, diamonds become your accessible gem of an asset. Their historical low correlation with traditional investment classes gleams with promise.

Start your collection from $4,870 and let your investment shine!

4. Rev Your Investment Engines with LiquidPiston

Spark your investment journey with LiquidPiston, a trailblazer in the internal combustion market. Their innovative technology promises 10x more power and 30% more efficiency, positioning them as a critical enabler for future mobility technologies.

With its focus set on the lucrative military and aerospace markets, the scope is vast in the $400B internal combustion engine market. Have an appetite for disruption?

LiquidPiston's rotary engines bring the first major shakeup to engine technology in more than a century. With 82 patents under their hood and contracts totaling over $30M, the engine of growth is running hot.

Priced at $10 per share and bonus shares up to 15%, you can join this exhilarating ride with a minimum investment of $1,000.

Don't miss out on this engine of opportunity!

5. Rule Your Finance Kingdom with M1

Welcome to M1, where everything bends to your investment will. Serving up investment tools and services that adapt to you, M1 supports an avalanche of options from margin loans to high-yield savings accounts.

With inbuilt pre-made portfolios for the less inclined, commission-free trading for over 6,000 assets, and even crypto portfolios, your investment kingdom awaits.

Swear fealty and start ruling with an investment as little as $100.

6. Build Your Empire with Fund That Flip

Have a soft spot for real estate but getting your hands dirty isn’t your style?

Fund That Flip lets you expand your investment portfolio without breaking a sweat. Specializing in residential rehabs under construction, this brilliant platform hooks you up with well-vetted, income-generating projects.

Not only do you earn easy passive income, but you can also enjoy an attractive annualized return, surpassing 10.8% on average.

Dive right in, and start building.

7. Unleash Crypto power with Kraken Pro

Time to let the beast out and unleash the powerhouse of crypto investing. Kraken Pro elevates your crypto trading experience to the next level.

With live order books, advanced order types, technical indicators, and real-time trends analysis, it’s the most robust platform for crypto you can lay your hands on.

With over 210 assets, take a deep dive and rule the high seas of the crypto-verse. After all, why just trade when you can Kraken-ize it?

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