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Ever wondered how KSI got rich? Uncover how this British YouTube powerhouse made millions from rapping and boxing. Learn how JJ invests in real estate and million-dollar businesses.

Updated Aug 10, 2023

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British YouTube sensation, rapper, and boxer KSI has cruised to wealth and stardom with an estimated $27 million net worth.

KSI also placed faith in the cryptocurrency project Terra Luna, though that rollercoaster ride crashed and burned, costing him approximately $2.8 million.

As a professional boxer and member of the powerhouse British YouTube group Sidemen, Olajide Olayinka Williams "JJ" Olatunji's road to success isn't akin to the traditional grind. Starting his journey from his U.K. home, he transformed his love for gaming and humor into a lucrative profession, gaining over 24 million YouTube subscribers.

As his online fan base ballooned and his natural flair for entertaining clicked with audiences, KSI varied his content and ventured into music and professional boxing.

In this article, we unravel KSI’s net worth, from his initial career as a YouTuber to becoming a multimillionaire. Starring roles in boxing rings and music charts, flashy real estate purchases, exciting business adventures, and all the thrills and spills of KSI's glamorous life await your attention.

KSI net worth at a glance

Net worth

$27 million


June 19, 1993


Briton born in London, United Kingdom

Became a millionaire at



YouTuber, musician, boxer, and entrepreneur

Sources of wealth

YouTube, music, boxing, Prime Hydration, XIX Vodka, and Sidemen

Asset classes

Real estate, private equity, merch, crypto, and luxury cars

Personal life

Olajide Olayinka Williams Olatunji maintains a low profile when it comes to his personal life. Born in London in 1993, he was raised in Watford, Hertfordshire, by his parents, Yinka and Jide Olatunji. KSI has a brother, Deji, who is also a popular YouTube personality., KSI dated Lois Sharpie in the late 2010s but parted ways in 2017.

How KSI made his money

In the realm of YouTube fame and fortune, Olajide Olatunji stands tall. His rise to stardom is a fascinating story of determination, creativity, and entrepreneurship.

The English YouTube personality took to gaming as a teenager. He started recording himself playing video games and shared them on his first YouTube channel, "JideJunior." KSI's FIFA videos have always excited his viewers. Now, he captivates an impressive following of over 30 million subscribers across his two channels.

Adsense drives most of KSI’s YouTube income. Every view translates into earnings for the popular YouTuber, and he’s now one of the most successful YouTubers in the world.

The one-time NME Award winner could make an estimated $315,000 or more from product promotions in his content alone. His channel's extraordinary success has fueled his wealth and fostered prosperous partnerships and sponsorships, broadening his career horizons.

KSI's ventures into music are as rewarding as they are diverse. His love for rap and creation led him to release his debut album Dissimulation. The album clinched the second spot on the UK charts, underscoring his dual talents as a YouTube star and a rapper.

KSI received even more credit when he released All Over The Place, his second album, which debuted at number one on the UK Albums Chart generating significant revenue.

In 2020, his single "Lighter" garnered him an Amazon Music UK Award. This achievement was more than just a win for KSI, but a proud moment that foregrounded YouTubers in the mainstream music industry.

Besides his music career, KSI extended his brand into a new arena—boxing.

KSI's initial entry into the boxing ring was in 2018 when he competed in an amateur boxing match against fellow YouTuber Joe Weller.

Following a couple of heated online exchanges, KSI went on to fight Logan Paul. The first match occurred in Manchester in 2018, and a rematch in Los Angeles the following year.

KSI earned roughly $980,000 from his two fights against Logan Paul, boosting his fame and boxing career.
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The bouts reportedly earned KSI around $980,000, but the real payout was the exposure. The pay-per-view format saw millions of fans tune in to watch the spectacle, bolstering KSI's global reputation and boxing career.

KSI also showcased his acting prowess in films, TV shows, and web series, adding another income stream to his portfolio. He headlined the movie Laid in America, made a guest appearance on the TV series 5 Aside, and played a character in the web series The Sidemen Show, further showcasing his versatility and earning potential.

KSI’s journey from a game aficionado in his parents’ home to a multifaceted internet mogul is awe-inspiring. With strategic diversification and relentless dedication, he turned his passion into an empire, amassing an estimated net worth of $27 million.

How KSI invests his money

KSI is pretty clever with his investments, including fab homes, luxury cars, business ventures, flashy jewelry, merch, and even crypto. Let's shed some light on how KSI plays the game.

Real estate

KSI is no stranger to shrewd investments and substantial returns. Among his revenue streams, one that stands out is his investment in real estate and real estate stocks.

Who would have imagined that the young man who began his journey filming gaming videos from his bedroom would someday boast a property empire worth $10 million? But that's exactly what KSI did. His first investment was an impressive three-story mansion in London.

According to KSI, he fell in love with it on his first visit and knew it was the dream home he sought in the capital. He even referred to his bedroom in the mansion as "The Palace." Despite its hefty price tag, for KSI, the cost was worth the luxurious lifestyle it provided.

However, this is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to KSI's real estate endeavors. His property company, Kilimanjaro Your Mum Ltd, invested £1.5 million ($1.9 million) in new properties. Before this acquisition, it boasted an £8 million ($10.4 million) property portfolio. The company has a steady flow of income, with £164,000 ($213,000) in generated revenue.

Luxury cars

Olajide Olatunji is a connoisseur of high-end luxury automobiles. His range of investments extends far beyond the scope of his YouTube career and into exquisite automotive masterpieces.

One of his most prized possessions is a custom Lamborghini Aventador, an acquisition that set him back by $507,650. Never one to settle for the ordinary, KSI had the high-end vehicle custom-wrapped twice, providing the car with a unique flair that captures his flamboyant personality.

KSI’s car collection includes a custom Lamborghini Aventador and Porsche models, reflecting his luxury taste.
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In addition to the Aventador, the British YouTuber owns a sleek Porsche 718 Boxster that he bought in April 2019. This sports car, which comes with a $92,495 price tag, complements KSI's taste for speed and performance.

While KSI's cryptic hints about owning a Rolls-Royce Wraith have yet to be confirmed, the Rolls-Royce brand's luxurious reputation resonates with KSI's indulgences.

Rounding out his collection is his Porsche Cayenne, an SUV known for its performance and luxury capabilities. From high-speed sports cars to versatile SUVs, KSI's car collection mirrors his love for luxury, speed, and diversity.

Private equity

KSI, the renowned YouTuber, rapper, and entrepreneur, has made several strategic investments in private equity to escalate his business portfolio. KSI's second venture, The Thrones Holding, possesses assets and cash worth £2.9 million ($3.8 million).

He also owns a production company, Ksiolajidebt Ltd, which has nearly £1 million ($1.3 million) in cash reserves. This investment has been pivotal in expanding his influence over various forms of media, consolidating his success as a global entertainer.

KSI ventured further into the beverage industry with XIX Vodka and Prime Hydration, highlighting his entrepreneurial spirit and lucratively expanding his business footprint into consumable goods.


Venturing into the volatile sea of cryptocurrencies, KSI made headlines with his Bitcoin investment. Investing $2.75 million in November 2020, his assets skyrocketed to an impressive $ 9.6 million during the Bitcoin surge.

Despite an unexpected Bitcoin crash wiping out his initial $9.6 million earnings, KSI's faith in cryptocurrency investment remains undeterred.
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Yet, cryptocurrency’s topsy-turvy nature brings tremendous risks. Fate turned on its heel as the Bitcoin crash wiped out KSI's gains. But KSI held steadfast amid this setback—his belief in Bitcoin is as unshaken as a lighthouse in a storm.

KSI also placed faith in the cryptocurrency project Terra Luna, though that rollercoaster ride crashed and burned, costing him approximately $2.8 million.

Despite these testing times, his optimism is relentless. If he were Prime Minister, KSI said he would gift everyone £100 in Bitcoin—stimulating investment, stirring excitement, and sowing the seeds of a crypto family.

All that said, KSI's crypto-investment journey offers a thrilling and cautionary tale of both loss and enduring faith in the digital currency world. Stick around because this ride isn't over yet.


KSI is a master at diversifying his revenue streams, and merchandising is undoubtedly a major component in his success story. To cement his brand in every possible way, KSI launched the KSI Official Store, offering a treasure trove of branded goods aimed at his dedicated fans.

The range is enormous, from vibrant graphics printed on tees to cozy hoodies punctuating his distinct taste. He’s also into home decor, selling uniquely designed KSI merchandise like pillows and blankets.

The store carries a fan-centric vibe, hosting carefully curated items from his music journey, including album inspired-merch and the promise of exclusive future drops. In his clever approach to marketing, he sometimes flaunts his high-priced merchandise in his YouTube videos, creating a circulative demand that catapults his retail success even higher.

In line with his commitment to his fans, KSI's store aims to create a friendly shopping experience with secure payments, quick shipping, and competitive pricing, thereby ensuring his fans worldwide can proudly wear their idol's brand.

KSI's merchandising initiative fosters a closer connection with his audience and contributes significantly to his diversified income, evidencing the ingenious business mindset behind the YouTube sensation.


KSI reveals an unapologetic passion for luxury with his eclectic and undoubtedly expensive jewelry collection. Central to his collection is a one-of-a-kind necklace, reflecting his love for the iconic anime series Dragon Ball Super.

This stellar piece is far from ordinary, modeled after the character Beerus, a deity within the Dragon Ball universe. It’s reportedly worth $500,000 and is an eye-catching symbol of KSI's lavish lifestyle.

KSI's $500,000 Beerus necklace, inspired by Dragon Ball Super, is a standout piece that showcases his lavish lifestyle.
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However, intrigue surrounds this prominent piece. Claims circulate that this prized necklace, saturated with KSI's persona and quirks, was pilfered and listed for sale on eBay.

The truth remains shrouded in mystery. Is it a cruel hoax? A prankster luring fans into a ruse with the stolen token? Or did the precious item indeed slip through KSI's fingers? Regardless, the saga adds excitement and allure to KSI's fascinating tale, merging luxury, anime fandom, and internet fame into a resonating narrative.

KSI’s story weaves a fascinating narrative of channeling talents and diversifying interests into YouTube content creation, boxing, music, and business ventures. It shows how tailoring endeavors to one's strengths, interests, and passions can create a road paved with gold.

KSI investing quotes

1. Success takes time

2. Personality is crucial

3. Surround yourself with the right people 

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