Best Pokemon Lost Origin Cards to Invest in

Collectors have preferences, but investors monitor trends like the Sword & Shield's 11th set Lost Origin, featuring valuable cards with investment potential.

Updated Aug 2, 2023

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Since its 1996 release, the Pokémon video game has fascinated players and collectors. The Lost Origin expansion, representing the eleventh installment in the Sword & Shield Series of the Pokémon Trading Card Game, made its global debut on September 9, 2022. It was released under the name Lost Abyss on July 15, 2022, in Japan, as part of their Pokémon Card Game Sword & Shield Era.

The Sword & Shield Lost Origin expansion brings a fresh dynamic to the Pokémon TCG with the introduction of the Lost Zone, offering players the chance to leverage Giratina's abilities for a strategic edge.

Additionally, the set showcases the Trainer Gallery, which highlights the deep connection between Trainers and their Pokémon through special cards.

Lost Origin cards boast excellent investment potential with distinctive artwork and rare finds, such as Giratina alt art valued above $220.

This expansion presents not only new gameplay possibilities but also emotionally captivating artwork and promo cards making it an essential addition for collectors. The rare Giratina V and Giratina VSTAR harness the power of the Lost Zone mechanic.

Navigating Pokémon's Lost Origin trading card market successfully requires knowing the best cards and having a bold strategy to acquire them. This list dives deep into the most valuable Pokemon cards in this Sword & Shield to get the scoop on the best cards to check out and consider adding to your collection.

Why are Lost Origin Pokemon cards so valuable?

Pokémon trading cards have emerged as an attractive alternative investment, driven by the collectibles craze and nostalgia. The collectibles market, buoyed by trading cards, exceeded $400 billion in 2021 and could surpass $1 trillion by 2032.

Vintage Pokémon cards, particularly those from 1999 to 2003, attract high demand—with publicity from celebrities like Logan Paul and Justin Bieber, driving up their value.

The Lost Origin Pokémon trading card game set is worth considering due to its rarity and unique features. Some sought-after cards include Legends: Arceus, Radiant Pokémon, and the Trainer cards.

Top 8 Pokemon Lost Origin card list

If you are looking for the best Pokemon cards to invest in, the Lost Origin TCG set boasts valuable cards from the Pokémon company, such as the Giratina V Alternate Full Art card.

The Aerodactyl V Alternate Full Art card fetches upwards of $90, while the Giratina VSTAR 201 Secret card is worth around $60. Featuring the Lost Zone mechanic, the booster packs quickly sold out upon release.

Pokémon TCG Sword & Shield Lost Origin Booster display box.

For those who love collecting Pokémon cards, let's explore eight of the most valued cards to invest in.

1. Kyurem VMAX #197

  • Price Range: $12 to $44
  • Highest Sale Price: $150
  • Type: Secret Rare

Kyurem VMAX's prices start at $12, but PSA 10 cards are worth significantly more.

This amazing rare Pokémon packs 330 HP and a rainbow finish. Its Glaciated World ability lets you attach a W Energy card to a Pokémon by discarding a card.

Its Max Frost attack deals 120 damage, plus 50 more for each W Energy discarded. This card's power and utility could interest both collectors and competitive players. You can cop this secret rare card for between $12 and $44 on auction sites like eBay.

2. Aerodactyl VSTAR 

  • Price Range: $16 to $54
  • Highest Sale Price: $116
  • Type: Secret Rare

A PSA 10 Aerodactyl VSTAR (secret) sold for $116 in September 2022.

Aerodactyl VSTAR is a Fighting-type Pokemon that can nullify the abilities of all opponents' Pokemon V, except other Aerodactyl VSTAR, and deal 240 damage with its Lost Dive attack.

It has a rainbow secret rare card that ranges from $16 to $54, making it a great option for collectors or players looking for a versatile and powerful Fighting-type Pokemon.

3.  Giratina VSTAR #201

  • Price Range: $26 to $65
  • Highest Sale Price: $201
  • Type: Secret Rare

Giratina VSTAR values range between $25 to $40, though PSA 10 cards command higher prices.

Giratina VSTAR is a Dragon-type Pokemon with powerful attacks and a massive 280 HP. Its Star Requiem attack can instantly Knock Out an opponent's Pokemon, provided you have 10 or more cards in the Lost Zone. Its Lost Impact attack deals 280 damage but requires you to put 2 Energy attached to Giratina VSTAR in the Lost Zone.

4. Galarian Perrserker V #184

  • Price Range: $26 to $81
  • Highest Sale Price: $150
  • Type: Alternate Full Art

Galarian Perrserker arrives in an Alternate Full Art Card and can reach up to $150.

Galarian Perrserker V is a powerful Metal-type Pokémon with 200 HP and a basic stage. Its Feelin' Fine attack lets you draw three cards, and its Treasure Rush attack deals damage based on the number of cards in your hand.

This ultra-rare card is worth collecting as it could appreciate in value over time.

5.  Rotom V #177

  • Price Range: $40 to $97
  • Highest Sale Price: $166
  • Type: Alternate Full Art

The Alternate Full Art Rotom V graded PSA 10 card is valued at almost $100.

Rotom V is a Lightning-type Pokemon with 190 HP, featuring the Instant Charge ability to draw three cards and the Scrap Shot attack to deal 40+ damage, with additional damage for each Pokemon Tool card in the Lost Zone. Its ultra-rare Alternate Full Art version is a valuable addition to any deck, sought after by both collectors and players, with a price range of $40 to $97.

6. Pikachu VMAX #TG17

  • Price Range: $38 to $129
  • Highest Sale Price: $253
  • Type: Secret Rare

A Pikachu VMAX PSA 10 grade fetched $253 in September 2022.

Pikachu VMAX is a rare and powerful Lightning-type Pokemon with 310 HP and a G-Max Volt Tackle attack that deals 120 damage and allows you to discard all Energy to add 150 damage. With a price range of $38 to $129, it's definitely worth considering.

7. Aerodactyl V #180

  • Price Range: $75 to $305
  • Highest Sale Price: $472
  • Type: Alternate Full Art

Aerodactyl V's Alternate Full Art commands relatively high prices, with PSA 10 grades worth up to $305.

Aerodactyl V (Alternate Full Art) is a Fighting-type Pokémon with 210 HP, capable of weakening the opponent's strategy with its Rock Crush attack that deals 120 damage and discards energy attached to the opponent's Active Pokémon.

This ultra-rare card ranges from $75 to $305, making it one of the most expensive Pokemon cards you can find in the Lost Origin card set.

8.  Giratina V #186

  • Price Range: $192 to $700
  • Highest Sale Price: $998
  • Type: Alternate Full Art

A PSA 10 Giratina V is Lost Origin's most valuable Alternate Full Art card, fetching nearly $1,000 in September 2022.

Giratina V (Alternate Full Art) is a Dragon-type Pokemon with 220 HP and Abyss Seeking attack to draw 2 cards. Its Shred attack deals 160 damage ignoring effects on the opponent's Active Pokemon.

A valuable addition to any deck, the Giratina V card is the most expensive card from Lost Origin with a price range of $192 to $700 and is highly sought after by collectors for its rarity and power.

Are Pokemon Lost Origin cards a good investment?

Most Pokémon cards don't offer high returns, but a select few are valuable due to scarcity and features like trophy status, holography, or Japanese origin.

Lost Origin cards boast excellent investment potential with distinctive artwork and rare finds, such as a Giratina alt art card valued at above $220.

In September 2022, the PSA 10 Giratina V Alternate Full Art fetched nearly $1,000, highlighting potential positive returns for Pokemon card investors.

Pokémon TCG sets can be very popular, but sometimes excitement goes down, like with Pokémon Celebrations Elite Trainer Box. When this happens, card prices can drop. It's a good idea to collect different cards instead of just relying on high-priced ones.

Numerous Pokémon cards merit consideration in 2022, including Amazing Rares. When it comes to cards expected to appreciate in value, legendary and mythical Pokémon cards show great prospects. Other scarce trainers, trainer gallery, or art cards could also be rewarding, but there are no certainties.

The Trainer Gallery elevates a card's worth, and special sets have performed well historically. Premium box rare cards also offer quick ROI possibilities. Staying informed about market trends and using your intuition may ultimately lead to impressive returns.

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