Rich Dudes│How The Blind Side's Michael Oher Made His $25M Net Worth

Michael Oher's story proves that perseverance pays off. Learn about the NFL star's rise from poverty to a $25M net worth and how he achieved it.

Updated Jul 26, 2023

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The former American football player and the subject of the infamous film The Blind Side, Michael Oher is an outstanding athlete with a net worth of $25 million. From his educational travails to his career as a professional football player, Oher has come a long way.

In 2009, the Ravens signed Oher to a five-year, $13.8 million contract. Then, in 2014, he signed a four-year, $20 million contract with the Tennessee Titans.

Oher emerged from a difficult childhood as a survivor and a man of considerable wealth. He found a silver lining from being the child of a jailbird and an addict to becoming a National Football League champion and the inspiration behind the successful book The Blind Side: Evolution of a Game by Michael Lewis.

Born as Michael Jerome Williams Jr, Michael Oher, the son of Michael Jerome Williams and Denise Oher, faced a tough upbringing with 12 siblings, a drug-addicted mother, and an incarcerated father. Despite poverty and lack of foster care, he completed high school at Briarcrest Christian School in Tennessee.

For many, Michael Oher is a prime example of the power of tenacity and dedication. It can carry a person beyond all types of obstacles to success. The football star has proven that money doesn't grow on trees—it’s made on the field.

Michael Oher net worth at a glance

Net worth

$25 million 


May 28, 1986


American born in Memphis, Tennessee, USA

Became a millionaire at



Professional football player, author, and philanthropist

Sources of wealth

Professional football (NFL) and royalties

Asset classes

Real estate, cars, and royalties

How Michael Oher made his money

Michael Jerome Oher, best known for his story featured in the movie The Blind Side, had an incredible college football and NFL career. He played at the University of Mississippi where he started off-guard and shifted to the left tackle position in his junior season.

Gaining recognition as the 'No. 5 offensive lineman prospect in the country,' Michael Oher's success caught the attention of Leigh Anne and Sean Tuohy, who welcomed him into their family and offered him a stable, supportive home environment.

From his high school days, Michael Oher showcased tremendous potential, eventually becoming a unanimous first-team All-American and garnering several prestigious awards. His financial success story began when Oher signed with the Baltimore Ravens in 2009, securing a five-year, $13.8 million contract.

Michael Oher played for the Carolina Panthers for two years before signing a three-year contract extension worth $2.6 million.

The former American football offensive tackle signed a four-year, $20 million deal with the Tennessee Titans in 2014, followed by another contract worth $7 million with the Carolina Panthers in 2015. These signings contributed to his $2.7 million annual salary and approximately $16 million net worth at the time.

Oher's talent as an elite pass blocker significantly contributed to Super Bowl wins for the Ravens and Panthers. Although his career ended in 2017, his legacy continues after his induction to the College Football Hall of Fame in May 2023.

How Michael Oher invests

Michael Oher’s net worth reflects his incredible journey from poverty to a successful NFL career. His wealth from lucrative contracts with the Tennessee Titans and Baltimore Ravens and book deals is invested in assets like real estate

With a charismatic personality and sharp wit, Oher's inspiring story showcases his resilience and determination.

Real estate

In 2014, Michael Oher bought a stunning home in the Forest Hills neighborhood of Davidson County for $1.3 million. This spacious, 8,126-square-foot single-family gem features six bedrooms and eight baths. 

The house, built in 2007 on a lush 2.1-acre lot, hit the market for $1.43 million.

Michael Oher purchased this six-bedroom Brentwood mansion for $1.3 million in 2014.

In 2023, U.S. real estate is facing subdued rent, debt, and transaction volumes. Investors should expect price declines of 10% to 20%, but near-term opportunities remain in mezzanine debt and residential housing. Long-term trends might create future investment prospects.


Michael Oher has written two incredible books so far. His first book, I Beat the Odds, is an inspiring account of his remarkable story and journey from poverty to the NFL. His follow-up book, When Your Back’s Against the Wall, contains advice, guidance, and motivation to help you overcome any obstacle.

Who knows, maybe he’ll write a third book about how to make it through life with the perfect quips and one-liners.

New York time best-selling author of ‘I Beat the Odds’ Michael Oher publishes a follow-up book ‘When Your Back’s Against the Wall.’

The book industry is performing well and is expected to continue that trend in 2023, with an estimated global trade book sales revenue of $78.07 billion, a 2.53% increase from 2022. 

Consumers seek out stories and knowledge offered by books, and publishers and authors are rising to meet the changing needs of the industry.


Michael Oher's black BMW 750 luxury car exudes luxury and style. The eight-speed transmission and 500-horsepower engine make it a powerful ride worthy of Oher’s success.

Michael Oher's BMW 750 features a 22-inch Asanti AF152 and an eye-catching chrome and black design. 

According to Fitch Ratings, the automobile industry's performance in 2023 is expected to increase by 5% in production and sales compared to 2022. Meanwhile, profit margins are projected to drop due to weaker economic conditions and increased interest rates.


The Oher Foundation, established by Michael Oher, focuses on empowering socio-economically disadvantaged youth through education, mentorship, and community support.

Based in Nashville, Tennessee, the foundation's SPOTLIGHT program identifies deserving candidates for the Opportunity Scholar Program and other resources. Drawing from his personal experiences, Oher is committed to bridging the gap for underprivileged children, targeting future leaders and innovators who demonstrate potential.

By providing opportunities to financially challenged families and cultivating dedication and hard work, the Oher Foundation aspires to create a significant, sustainable impact on the lives of these young individuals.

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