Brick By Brick: The Eight Most Expensive Lego Sets

Explore the world of the most expensive Lego sets. From the iconic Space Command Center to the rarely-seen Lego 375-2 Castle, get ready to grab these rare sets.

Updated Jul 31, 2023

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Lego Sets


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Lego sets are the holy grail of toys. Everyone and their mom want one, and why wouldn’t they? These pre-designed kits allow you to build castles, vehicles, and all sorts of unique objects. But the real gems, the ones that cost thousands of dollars? Those are for serious toy collectors that want to cash in on collectible masterpieces.

Prepare to shell out big bucks for a new set with the plastic lid still perfectly sealed—an unopened Lego 375-2 Castle recently fetched a huge $11,565

If you're tired of playing the stock market, why not take a chance on the hottest toy trend out there? Lego sets can turn into high-value collectibles if you buy the right sets and can make you a ton of money.

For instance, The Space Command Center is one of the most expensive sets of all time. Priced at over $10,000, this 1979 space-themed set comes with two buggies, a modular space center, and four astronauts wearing either white or red suits.

Why are Legos so valuable?

Lego sets can be incredibly valuable for a number of reasons, but let’s narrow it down to just three.

Firstly, their constancy and durability ensure that Lego sets will last for decades—so your kids, and their kids, can enjoy it, too. The precise engineering of each Lego piece makes for sleek and well-built creations that are resistant to breaking and warping.

Secondly, since Lego sets are constantly changing their product line-up, the demand for limited-time sets featuring licensed characters ensures a consistently high price tag.

Finally, the collectible nature of these sets, from franchises such as Star Wars and Harry Potter, often makes them worth thousands of dollars. No other toy on the planet can offer the same combination of nostalgia and playability that Legos bring to the table. 

So, next time you're complaining about the price of a set, remember that you're paying for uncompromising quality.

Most expensive Lego set to invest in

There's something for everyone looking to invest in the exciting world of Lego, so we've put together a list of the most expensive sets to find out which sets are sure to make you some sweet returns. And who knows—you might even have fun on the way.

1. Star Wars Episode IV Imperial Star Destroyer 75252

  • Price Range: $350 to $1,600
  • Release Year: 2019

Lego fans were abuzz when the 75252 Star Destroyer was originally released for $699 in September 2019. This 4,784-piece set recreated Darth Vader's vessel from Star Wars: A New Hope and ranks among the biggest lego set versions. With two minifigs included, it was an instant success and sold exclusively at Lego's stores and online.

Unfortunately, this giant lego set had a relatively short lifespan of 37 months and was discontinued in November 2022. It sold recently for $1,620 on eBay, but expect to pay anywhere from $350 to $1600 if you're looking to invest in one. In comparison, the similarly sized Death Star II set could fetch about $1,000.

Despite those prices, the Star Wars Imperial Star Destroyer lego set is still not nearly as expensive as most vintage Kenner action figures.

The designer behind the genius of this beloved collection was Henrik Andersen. Measuring over 17” high with the included display stand, it's 43” long, 26” wide, and 14” high without the stand—arguably the tallest lego set.

Even after retirement, the Star Destroyer remains one of the most celebrated sets for every big Star Wars fan and this absolutely massive collection continues to delight passionate builders of all ages.

2. H.C. Andersen’s Clumsy Hans 4000020 Lego set

  • Price Range: $2,400 to $16,000
  • Supply: 320
  • Release Year: 2015

H.C. Andersen’s Clumsy Hans is an exclusive Lego set that was gifted to attendees of the 2015 Lego Inside Tour. Only 320 sets were ever made.

H.C. Andersen's Clumsy Hans—just 320 of them exist, and only the luckiest of Lego fans can own it for a price. Back in 2015, only 4 batches of 80 sets were released, and each one was gifted to those who participated in the Lego Inside Tour.

Each batch was numbered from 1 to 80 in handwriting and every set featured a different photograph of the 30 participants of that tour on the back of the printed sleeve of the box, so you can be sure you're getting an authentic, one-of-a-kind piece.

Today, you can get one of these popular Lego sets at a cost range of $2,400 to $16,000but with the price value that the rarity offers, there's no telling how much the sets will be worth five years from now. With only 320 ever released, you'd better act fast before they disappear.

3. Lego set 4000012 Piper Airplane

  • Price Range: $132 to $2,500
  • Supply: 53
  • Release Year: 2012

Only 53 Airplane Lego sets were ever made, making it a rare collectible for Lego enthusiasts.

If you missed Lego's Inside Tour in 2012, you missed out on a rare opportunity—the chance to purchase the exclusive Lego 4000012 Piper Airplane set. You can't find this particular set anywhere else, as only 53 copies were made.

This miniature version, based on the first airplane that Lego acquired back in 1962, is one hell of a 618-brick, designer Mel Caddick's masterpiece. If you want to snag one of these rare sets, you'd have to pay anywhere from $132 to $2,500.

However, one set recently sold for a hefty $5,750, meaning someone must've really needed the set. So if you were to invest in one now, it could still cost you an arm and a leg.

4. 10179 Star Wars Ultimate Collector's Millennium Falcon (first edition)

  • Price Range: $700 to $3,600
  • Highest Sale Price: $15,000
  • Release Year: 2007

Lego released the first edition Star Wars Millennium Falcon 10179 in 2007 and retired it in 2009. The set sold for $15,000 at a Las Vegas auction.

The Star Wars Millennium Falcon is the stuff of legends—and the first edition 10179 in the ultimate collector series is no exception. Built with an impressive 5,197 lego bricks, it was once the holder of the most bricks of all Lego Star Wars sets ever and rightfully earns its spot as the one with the sixth-most pieces of any set ever.

Pop culture enthusiasts might recognize this set in the ultimate collector series as the pretty cool one that earned the First to 5,000 Bricks award from Lego.

But you won't win awards for owning one—unless you can get it for a fraction of the price. This First Edition set typically sells for between $700 to $3,600, which feels like a Star Wars bonanza, considering that one buyer shelled out an unbelievable $15,000 at a Las Vegas auction—likely the most expensive set so far. Another owner sold theirs on eBay for $9,500 as well.

One of only a few Millennium Falcon sets ever released, this version includes five awesome mini figures and was expertly designed by Lego designer Jens Kronvold Frederiksen, who might as well be a modern-day Jedi. Retired in 2009 and entirely sold out in 2010, it's now a sought-after piece, so if you snagged one back in 2007, consider yourself luckier than Jar Jar Binks.

5. 375-2 Lego Castle

  • Price Range: $44 to $626
  • Highest Sale Price: $11,565
  • Release Year: 1978 

This new 375-2 Castle Lego set with the plastic lid perfectly sealed recently sold for $11,565.45 on eBay on February 8, 2023.

If you're a collector, the Lego 375-2 Castle is definitely one to consider. This 767-piece set, released in 1978, is part of Lego's Castle theme which was based around medieval life, complete with castles and knights. Designed by Daniel August Krentz, it includes 14 minifigures and was only available in Europe, the UK, Australia, and Canada.

This set is now over 40 years old, making it a vintage item, so the longer you wait, the more difficult it'll be to find it. The cost ranges from $44 to over $600 as of now, but you'll have to shell out big bucks for a new set with the plastic seal—an unopened Lego 375-2 Castle in mint condition recently fetched a huge $11,565. Now that'll make your wallet shrink.

So if your pockets are full of cash and you want to own a piece of Lego history, you can get your hands on this Lego rarity.

6. 10123 Cloud City Lego Star Wars set

  • Price Range: $300 to $8,000
  • Highest Sale Price: $8,000
  • Release Year: 2003

In an eBay auction on February 7, 2023, this Cloud City (10123) Lego set which contains minifigures of Princess Leia and others sold for $8,000.

Since its initial release in 2003, The 10123 Cloud City Lego Star Wars has been a pretty pricey LegoMas gift. Originally retailing for a mere $99.99, the value of this set has skyrocketed with current prices ranging from a (relatively) affordable  $300 to higher prices around $8,000—shocking price, we know.

It has 698 lego bricks, plus some incredible mini figures. You get Darth Vader, Luke Skywalker, a Stormtrooper, Boba Fett, Han Solo, Han Carbonite, and Princess Leia—plus Lando Calrissian. At one of the rare auctions on eBay, this particular set sold for $8,000. So save your pennies and don't miss your chance to own a piece of Star Wars history.

7. LIT2009 Ole Kirk’s House Lego set

  • Price Range: $5,500 to $8,000
  • Supply: 32
  • Release Year: 2009

LIT2009 Ole Kirk's House Lego set has a print run of just 32 copies, making it one of the hardest sets to find.

LIT2009 Ole Kirk's House Lego set looked like a seemingly ordinary red model house but it made a huge splash when it got released to Inside Tour visitors in 2009. With only 32 sets produced, snatching up this Lego is no small feat as it's an extremely rare Lego model. None of them are available through regular retail channels, so if you want one, you'll have to get it on the aftermarket.

Thanks to its status as a limited edition, BrickEconomy predicts a forecast of its own—a cost of over $7,000 in five years.

8. Space Command Center (926) Lego set

  • Price Range: $100 to $241
  • Highest Sale Price: $10,000
  • Release Year: 1979

The Space Command Center (926) set is one the most expensive sets ever made and sells at over $5,000 for a brand-new, sealed set.

Forget car payments because the Space Command Center Lego Set designed by Jens Nygaard Knudsen will make your wallet ultra-light. At the hefty cost valuation of $10,000, it could well be worth more than your average pre-owned family car.

Released in 1979 at an original sale price of $25, this 173-piece set comes with four astronauts (decked out in red and white suits), two buggies, a pretty sweet modular space station, and two satellite dishes.


So what makes this set so pricey? Well besides the super cool throwback styling, the fact that it's not easy to come across only adds to its skyrocketing value. Everyone wants it, but not everyone can get it—talk about exclusive.

These days, expect to pay around $5,500 for a brand-new, sealed Space Command Center, and a used set can fetch between $100 and $250, depending on its condition. Grab it while you still can because its trajectory is only pointing upwards.

Are Lego sets a good investment?

A study by Russia's HSE University of Finance revealed that Lego sets showed an average return of 11% per year between 1987 and 2015, outperforming gold and stock returns over the same period.

If you love Legos, investing in these sets can be quite a thrill and a fun hobby, but it's important to remember that the volatility of the collectible items market is quite high.

The amount of money you can make from your sets depends on demand and the quality of the set, so it's best to treat Lego sets as a hobby investment rather than a retirement vehicle. To ensure that the sets remain in excellent condition, make sure to store them in a safe environment.

With that said, Lego sets can make for a fun and enjoyable investment, but just ensure you increase your knowledge and research the market first.

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