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Curious about Nia Long's net worth? Explore how financial achievements have shaped her remarkable career and solidified her status as a prominent figure entertainer.

Updated Jul 17, 2023

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Over three decades, Nia Long has dazzled us over three decades with her acting prowess—conquering the silver screen and TV. Though she began small, her stellar performance in Boyz n the Hood catapulted her fame. Boasting three NAACP Image Awards and three American Black Film Festival honors, her talent shines bright.

Curious about Nia Long's net worth in 2023? It's estimated at $10 million. While it may seem modest for a Hollywood veteran, remember that the TV world, where much of her work resides, tends to be lighter on the wallet. Nonetheless, this powerhouse has undoubtedly left an indelible mark on the industry.

Despite not having as many lead roles in movies, Long has proven to be an outstanding actress who has consistently landed supporting and recurring roles in TV shows. This has helped her establish herself as a great actress who has impacted Black culture in the US.

Nia has sparkled in classics like Fresh Prince of Bel Air and Third Watch. Even at 50, she's unstoppable, with an exciting lineup of 2023 projects. Her acting career boasts multiple awards, including NAACP recognitions and numerous Black Reel Award nominations for her roles as Best Actress in a Television Drama, Outstanding Supporting Actress, and Favorite Actress in a Motion Picture.

Nia Long’s net worth at a glance

Net worth

$10 million


October 30, 1970


American born in Brooklyn, New York


Actress and activist

Sources of wealth


Asset classes

Real estate and cars

How Nia Long made her money

Nia Long's incredible three-decade adventure in the entertainment world is nothing short of inspiring. Rising from a working-class Brooklyn family, facing her parents' divorce, and making a big move to LA, she's conquered the odds to become a star. Her unbreakable determination, a solid performing arts degree, and mentorship from the legendary Betty Bridges fueled her journey.

Kicking off with a fun Disney gig in 1986 alongside Tim Thomerson and Sean Astin in Disney Channel's TV film The B.R.A.T. Patrol, Nia truly stepped into the limelight when she landed the role of "Kat" Speakes in the beloved soap Guiding Light from 1991 to 1994. She's been lighting up our screens like a boss(ess) ever since.

Nia Long accepted the Black Women in Hollywood honoree award in 2022.

The 1991 hit Boyz n the Hood catapulted Long into the spotlight, followed by a supporting role in Friday, solidifying her status in Hollywood. Nia accumulated wealth from leading roles in films like The Best Man, Soul Food, and Big Momma's House, as well as successful sequels.

Her thriving TV career also contributed to her fortune, as she graced the screens in shows like EmpireDear White People, and House of Lies, with a memorable lead in NCIS: Los Angeles. At 50, Long still lands captivating roles, including movies like Fatal Affair.

Long's consistency in competitive Hollywood demonstrates her talent and drive. Long continues to boost her net worth with her impressive resume of iconic films and TV shows. Meanwhile, her personal life, particularly her relationship with Boston Celtics's Ime Udoka, keeps her in the headlines.

How Nia Long invests

Although Nia Long may not be famous for her financial savviness, her well-publicized real estate and car investments showcase her keen eye for asset management.

Real estate

Veteran TV and film actress Nia Long owns a midcentury modern house in the Hollywood Hills worth $3.7 million. After her split with longtime fiancé Ime Udoka, Long made a fresh start with this new house.

Covering over 2,000 square feet, Nia Long's gated haven sits on a tranquil quarter-acre lot. This four-bed, four-bath gem features a roomy living area that flows into a partially covered patio through sliding glass doors. Alfresco dining and relaxation beckon in the Johnston Vidal Projects-landscaped exterior, complete with a saltwater pool, spa, wood sundeck, and sunken fire-pit lounge.

Transformed from its 1950s origins, Nia Long's renovated home now boasts an all-white stucco facade and chic interiors, including hardwood floors, high post-and-beam ceilings, skylights, clerestory windows, designer light fixtures, and seamless indoor-outdoor sound system.

Nestled in the coveted Hollywood Hills and oozing mid-century modern charm, Long's $45,000 investment below the asking price promises significant returns if she decides to sell.

As 2023 unfolds, the U.S. real estate market faces headwinds from a slowing economy and soaring inflation. Though a recession isn't inevitable, economic growth may decelerate, thanks to the Fed's rate hikes and tighter fiscal policies. A chilly housing market persists, fueled by high mortgage rates and limited supply.

First-time homebuyers may find affordability elusive. Home prices may dip, but not as drastically as in 2008. A gradual decline poses hurdles for many buyers. However, an inventory surge could offer relief and balance the market.

Amid these challenges, industry players maintain cautious optimism, adopting a long-term perspective on real estate assets. They prepare to weather the slump and reposition for a new era of growth and robust returns.


The American actress enjoys a luxurious lifestyle and a car collection worth millions.

Car Model

Estimated Value

Range Rover Evoque


Lincoln Navigator


Jaguar XF


Bentley Continental


Rolls Royce Wraith


Nia Long's million-dollar car collection adds even more luxury to her lifestyle alongside her lavish home.

Getting a grip on the depreciation game is crucial when investing in cars. New cars take a serious hit in value the moment they roll out of the dealership—about 20% poof, gone just like that. And what's more, They shed around 12% of their worth annually.

On the flip side, used luxury cars in tip-top shape can be real champs at holding onto their value, and they might even appreciate over time.

Nia Long stands next to her Bentley Continental, which has a base price of $250,000.

To score big in this game, you've got to cherry-pick the right brand and seller to get the best bang for your buck. Also, weigh your options by factoring in performance and safety ratings.

Sure, luxury cars can be speed demons, but having a heart-to-heart with third-party ratings is better to ensure you're betting on a winner. And let's not forget those safety brownie points that luxury cars tend to have.

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Long is definitely someone to admire. As a motivational speaker, she generously uplifts the young minds at Sterling Children's Home in Barbados. Plus, she's also involved in other stellar causes. A true gem in the community.

Nia Long investing quotes

1. Mental health is also an asset

2. Don’t be afraid to say no

3. Express what you believe in

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