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Pokémon lovers, get ready to hunt for the top eight Pokémon Funko Pops. From Charmander to Pikachu, we present the best figures to invest in.

Updated Aug 2, 2023

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The Pokémon franchise has ruled pop culture for ages, featuring fan favorites like Pikachu, the ever-determined Ash, and countless other characters.

Pokémon Funko Pops have captivated collectors who have adored the toys and memorabilia the franchise has put out over the years. These vinyl figures boast various irresistible designs and are just waiting to be caught.

Imagine if you'd snagged the 627 Vaporeon (Diamond Collection) (ECCC 2021) Funko Pop back in April 2021 for about $48, you'd be looking at a massive 190% return by December of that year.

Are Funko Pop Pokémon valuable?

Pokémon has captured our hearts for years, thus setting the stage for Funko Pop Pokémon figures to become sought-after collectibles. Funko's knack for creating cute figures of cherished characters never disappoints.

Chart highlighting Charizard Funko Pop as the highest valued among the top five Pokemon Funko Pops as of March 2023, worth an average of $650.
Source: funkypriceguide.com

If you're a collector on the hunt for Pokémon Funko Pops with the highest investment potential, you've come to the right place. Let’s begin our thrilling journey to uncover the Pokémon franchise’s top eight Funko Pop figures.

455 Charmander Funko Pop (Diamond Collection) (Spring Convention 2021)

  • Average Price: $82
  • Highest Sale Price: $499
  • Size: Standard (3.75") 
  • Variant: Diamond Glitter
  • Supply: Exclusive
  • Rarity: Limited Edition Exclusive (2021 Spring Convention)

The Charmander 455 Funko from the 2021 Spring convention is up for grabs for an average price of $82.
Source: funkypriceguide

The Charmander Funko Pop Pokémon figure is undeniably enchanting, capturing everyone's favorite fiery starter in all its unevolved glory. This metallic vinyl figure showcases Charmander's irresistibly cute demeanor, complete with the iconic flame flickering at the tip of its tail.

Priced at $82 on average, this dazzling diamond-glitter Funko Pop Pokémon figure must catch the eye of collectors.

628 Jolteon Funko Pop (Diamond Collection)

  • Average Price: $89
  • Highest Sale Price: $350
  • Size: Standard (3.75") 
  • Variant: Diamond Glitter
  • Supply: Available
  • Rarity: Wondrous Convention Limited Edition 2021 

Jolteon's Diamond Glitter variant costs $60 on average.
Source: fotophoto.tv

Jolteon's loss to Pikachu in the "Espeon, Not Included" series is no excuse to disregard this furry "thundermon". Among the furry thunder creatures, this Pokemon is one of the most coveted toy figures and has reached up to $350 in value.

Price chart showing a price spike for 628 Jolteon Funko Pop in late 2022.
Source: funkypriceguide

540 Eevee Funko Pop (Jumbo) 

  • Average Price: $93
  • Highest Sale Price: $100
  • Size: Jumbo (10")
  • Variant: Standard
  • Supply: Exclusive
  • Rarity: Target Exclusive

 The Eevee Funko Pop set at $80 as a Target Exclusive product. 
Source: Ebay

Who could forget the adorable, fluffy, brown creature with the potential for three unique evolutions—it's Eevee. This charming jumbo-sized Eevee-themed Funko Pop Pokemon, designed exclusively for Target, is worth considering for your collection. It's typically priced around $92 in good condition, making it a delightful addition for Pokémon enthusiasts.

The 540 Eevee Pokémon's average price fluctuations indicate collectors' speculation for potential future gains.
Source: funkypriceguide

455 Charmander Funko Pop (Diamond Collection) (ECCC 2021) 

  • Average Price: $115
  • Highest Sale Price: $260
  • Size: Standard (3.75") 
  • Variant: Diamond Glitter
  • Supply: Available
  • Rarity: Limited Edition (2021 Spring  Convention)

The 2021 Spring Variant was exclusively available at Target in February 2021 for $15.
Source: Twitter

Keep an eye out for another Charmander Funko Pokémon unveiled by Funko at ECCC 2021. Funko frequently showcases the same characters at various events, such as SDCC (San Diego Comic Con).

This Charmander Funko, like its spring convention counterpart, is a diamond variant that has scored a page in the collector's market, fetching up to $260.

627 Vaporeon Funko Pop (Diamond Collection) (ECCC 2021)

  • Average Price: $140
  • Highest Sale Price: $500 
  • Size: Standard (3.75") 
  • Variant: Diamond Glitter
  • Supply: Available
  • Rarity Limited Edition (2021 Spring Convention)

Vaporeon Funko Pop 627 fetched $500 back in 2021.
Source: Funkypriceguide

What could be cooler than a diamond-glitter Funko Pokémon of Eevee's lovable water-type evolution? Vaporeon and its extraordinary water powers are a massive hit among fans, especially in the games.

This eye-catching figure is worth considering for your collection, with some pretty sweet prospects. Imagine if you'd snagged this Funko Pop back in April 2021 for about $48, you'd be looking at a massive 190% return by December of that year.

01 Pikachu Funko Pop (Mega)

  • Average Price: $150
  • Highest Sale Price: $150
  • Size: Mega (18")
  • Variant: Standard
  • Supply: Available
  • Rarity: Target Exclusive

The Mega Pikachu Funko Pop prices start at around $80 on eBay.
Source: Ebay

The most loved, most known, and probably identifiable figure in the Pokémon franchise is Pikachu, the yellow-haired-thunder monster famed for its attack stance. With up to $150, the face of the Pokemon world will certainly be worth a huge value.

Pikachu's fame boosts Funko Pop's prices, with the average price spiking to $150 as of May 2023.
Source: funkypriceguide

Pikachu's popularity isn't just limited to the Pokémon universe—it's also rubbing off on its Funko Pop, with average prices on the rise. So, collectors, keep your eyes peeled on this one.

581 Mewtwo Funko Pop (Flocked) 

  • Average Price: $175
  • Highest Sale Price: $676
  • Size: Standard (3.75") 
  • Variant: Flocked
  • Supply: Exclusive
  • Rarity: Limited Edition Exclusive

Mewtwo Funko Pops are highly valuable, with prices averaging $175  apiece.
Source: Walmart

Mew's fearsome clone makes numerous appearances in the Pokémon franchise, always striking awe and fear. Even as a Pokémon Funko Pop, it's no less intimidating, with its value soaring up to $676.

843 Charizard Funko Pop (Metallic) (Wondrous Convention) 

  • Average Price: $650 
  • Highest Sale Price: $1,000 
  • Size: Standard (3.75") 
  • Variant: Standard
  • Supply: Exclusive
  • Rarity: Limited Edition (Wondrous Convention 22)

Charizard’s highest sale price reached $1,000, making it the most valuable Pokemon Funko Pop.
Source: Funkypriceguide

This is the third-level evolution of our darling Charmander. Unlike the Espeon and Sylveon Pokemon types, Charizard is a fire-breathing dragon that maintains his lit-up tale from its Charmander stage. Its average price of $650 ranks it as the highest-priced Pokémon Funko Pop.

Investing in Pokémon toys

Diving into the Funko Pops Pokémon collection is worth considering given the immense popularity of the franchise. These toys add value to any collection—the rarest and most coveted figures could have solid resale value.

As a collector, staying informed about trends affecting the value of these items is crucial. This ensures you don't miss out on prime moments to invest in new pieces or sell existing ones on any site you choose. 

So keep an eye on the Funko Pop collecting world, listen to experts, and let data and facts guide your investment strategy. Be diligent in your research, and your investments in Pokémon Funko Pop figures could flourish.

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