Rich Dudes│How Richard Heart Built a $500M Net Worth with Crypto

Richard Heart is a crypto entrepreneur worth around $500 million. He invests his money into luxury cars, watches, and designer clothes.

Updated Jul 18, 2023

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Richard Heart, born Richard James Schueler, is the charismatic crypto whiz and brain behind HEX and Pulsechain. As a serial entrepreneur and investor, he's no stranger to successful startups and crypto assets.

Heart acquired the world's largest diamond for a staggering $4.3 million in cryptocurrency, subsequently renaming it the diamond.

With an estimated net worth of $500 million, this social media-savvy showman is also a skilled keynote speaker and author of the self-help book  SciVive: A Guide to Living Longer and Wealthier.

Here’s how Richard Heart got rich without even revealing his real name. Here’s how he went from a humble beginning to amassing hundreds of millions and the assets he invested in.

Richard Heart net worth at a glance

Net worth

$500 million


October 9, 1979


American born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Became a millionaire at age



Crypto trader, Entrepreneur, Social Media personality, and philanthropist.

Sources of wealth, PulseChain, Bitcoin

Asset classes

Cryptocurrency, bitcoin, startups, watches

How Richard Heart made his money

Born on October 9, 1979, Richard James Schueler was no ordinary kid. The curious boy hailing from Broward County, Florida, couldn’t wait to conquer the crypto world.

He tackled complex subjects at a young age, memorizing every state capital from Hawaii to Pennsylvania. Leading to skipping elementary school and joining the advanced middle school program in Davie, Florida, called MEGSSS.

Before making a name for himself (as Richard Heart) later in life, he started as a newspaper salesperson with humble beginnings. He then worked at his dad’s small air-conditioning company and a shopping cart platform.

He became a serial entrepreneur and investor, creating multiple online and offline profitable businesses. Realizing the potential of the internet age, he focused his time and energy on pursuing online ventures.

Always looking to diversify, Richard tried his hand at various entrepreneurial ventures, such as a home-based car audio system business and a booming mortgage company that used search engine optimization to grow. He also had a marketing firm that pioneered early internet spam marketing.

Richard eventually expanded his business operations to Panama, where his hard work and business sense paid off. Despite eventually returning to the U.S. after facing legal issues in Panama due to alleged shady business dealings, he was generating $60 million in annual gains.

Heart took the money he earned from his various business ventures in the U.S. and Panama to Europe, where he abandoned his real name and started, a cryptocurrency that markets itself as a blockchain certificate of deposit.

In the world of cryptocurrency, Richard Heart is definitely someone to watch. After discovering Bitcoin on Reddit and buying his first one for just $1, he dove further into digital finance and ultimately created the cryptocurrency Hex—the crypto that claims to accumulate wealth with age.

Launched in December 2019, Hex features a staking system that lets users earn interest and bonus rewards for holding the currency longer. Initially distributed to Bitcoin holders, Hex tokens saw a massive 200x price increase between 2019 and 2021, making it a popular option for crypto savings accounts.

Hex's controversial success can be mainly credited to Richard's marketing prowess, which has contributed significantly to his wealth. In addition to his work in cryptocurrencies, Richard Heart is a well-known YouTuber and social media figure, covering topics like blockchain technology, cryptocurrencies, and personal development.

How Richard Heart invests

Richard Heart's wealth is primarily based on his cryptocurrency investments. The Hex founder has made significant investments in digital assets and business ventures, which allowed him to increase his net worth. Richard Heart also spends big on luxury cars and watches.


Although little is known about which traditional assets Richard Heart invests in, his involvement in the alternative finance realm provides insight into his unconventional methods. Heart's fondness for investing in cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum implies that he recognizes the potential of venturing into emerging asset classes.

His Hex project showcases his interest in pushing the boundaries of blockchain technology to discover novel financial instruments.

Richard liquidated a big chunk of his crypto assets in 2021, and it’s speculated that he made new acquisitions in 2023. He has several million dollars worth of his own coin and an equivalent amount of ETH.

It’s believed that he maintains around $40 million to $50 million in BTC and other cryptocurrencies, which offers him an opportunity to expand his wealth in the future. There’s a possibility that Richard capitalized on the market downturn, making multi-million dollar purchases during this period.


Hex founder Richard Heart has revealed his penchant for investing in luxury watches, boasting a collection valued at $10 million. He’s even claimed to own the most expensive Rolex ever made.

Richard Heart's watch collection



Rolex Skydweller Ice 326959tbr

$1.4 million

Rolex Daytona Rainbow


Richard Mille McLaren RM11-03


Jacob & Co. Astronomia Casino


Jacob & Co. Astronomia Casino


Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Chronograph


Patek 5980


Richard Heart’s collection of expensive watches is worth $10 million.

In another high-profile investment, Heart acquired the world's largest diamond for a staggering $4.3 million in cryptocurrency, subsequently renaming it the diamond.

These investments underscore Heart's affinity for alternative assets and showcase his inclination to diversify wealth through rare and high-ticket items.


Richard Heart's impressive car collection demonstrates his considerable investment in luxury automobiles. His remarkable collection comprises a $250,000 McLaren GT, a $63,000 Chevrolet Camaro, a modest $17,600 Nissan Versa S, and a robust $120,000 Ford Raptor. 

These investments showcase Heart's ability to balance wealth across various alternative assets, solidifying his status as a strategic and forward-thinking investor.


Richard Heart has amassed a fortune of $500 million by investing in innovative projects and paving the way for groundbreaking technologies. He founded the blockchain platform PulseChain and raised over $27 million for life-extension medical research.

PulseChain is an Ethereum fork that excels in energy efficiency, speed, and cost-effectiveness. It aims to tackle Ethereum's inflation risks due to having no maximum supply cap for its ETH token. PulseChain's PLS token is designed as a deflationary asset—the validators earn fees, but some are burned to reduce the circulating supply.

Besides PulseChain, Heart is also working on a new on-chain exchange called PulseX, which will operate on the PulseChain blockchain and utilize its PLX token. As the co-founder and CEO of Token Economics, he definitely aims to be a blockchain trailblazer.

Richard Heart investing quotes

1. Don’t give up

2. Invest in yourself

3. Focus on what matters

4. Build a business

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