Unlocking the Sparkle: The Best Shiny Pokemon Cards to Invest In

From Shining Mewtwo to Gold Star Umbreon, coveted shiny Pokémon cards enchant collectors with rarity and visual splendor. Check out the top seven most investment-worthy Shiny Pokemon card picks.

Updated Jun 30, 2023

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Shiny Pokémon cards have made wallets tremble since their debut in the Neo Revelation expansion. These shiny versions of Pokémon send fans and collectors into a frenzy with their dazzling palette swaps and unique attributes.

Rare beauties like the Shining Mew CoroCoro and the ritzy Shining Mewtwo command budget-crushing prices for their immense rarity. Sure, values may fluctuate, but showstoppers like the Gold Star Espeon and Gold Star Umbreon are coveted by Pokémon fans, with prices ranging from $5,000 to $60,000.

Boasting the highest sale price of $7,000 and only 67 PSA 10 copies, Shining Gyarados is as rare as the elusive Mew.

Join us on this enchanting journey as we dive into the world of shiny Pokémon cards, where a rare, sparkling find could be just the prize you seek.

Why are Shiny Pokemon cards so valuable? 

Shiny Pokémon cards first made a dazzling entrance in the Neo Revelation expansion by Pokémon Company International. These sparkly showstoppers amazed fans with their flashy alternate colors and exclusive in-game rule—one Shiny Vault card in a booster pack of Shining Fates.

With a slim 0.3% chance of finding one in a booster pack, getting your hands on one is like spotting a unicorn. But it doesn't stop there—a one in 8,192 encounter rate in video games adds to their mystique and value. Nostalgia, popularity, and the visually alluring nature of these beauties make them the ultimate collector's dream.

Best Shiny Pokemon cards to invest in

Shiny Pokémon cards can be a desirable alternative asset. These ultra-rare gems debuted in the Neo Revelation expansion, with a slim 0.3% chance of finding one in Pokémon TCG sets (over 300 attempts per card).

From the iconic Shining Mew CoroCoro to the elusive Gold Star Espeon and Gold Star Umbreon, their rarity, visual appeal, and nostalgic charm make them hot commodities. So, if you're looking to invest in something truly magical, these shiny Pokémon cards are treasures you don't want to miss.

A PSA 10 Shining Magikarp #129 auctioned for $10,100 via eBay in April 2020.
Source: psacard.com

1. 2007 Pokemon Umbreon-Gold Star (Pop Series 5) #17

  • Price Range: $500 to $15,100
  • Highest Sale Price: $20,000
  • PSA 10 Supply: 55

Umbreon Gold Star is a top choice among collectors, with a PSA 10 population of only 55 and prices reaching $15,100.
Source: psacard.com

First on our list is Umbreon-Gold Star (Pop Series 5). The shining jewel of Pokémon cards is a rarity worth coveting. With a PSA 10 population of only 55 and a recent sale at an eBay auction for $20,000, this card is pure gold. It was a prized reward for top-level players in Japan's Pokémon Daisuki Fan Club and Pop Series 5 packs.

As one of Johto's beloved Eeveelutions, Umbreon holds a special place in TCG history and hearts. Its sleek design and elusive nature make it a treasure worth seeking. Just remember to check the authenticity and shipping fees.

2. 2002 Pokemon Neo Destiny Shining Charizard #107

  • Price Range: $298 to $4,000
  • Highest Sale Price: $18,000
  • PSA 10 Supply: 340

With a captivating design to match, the Shining Charizard continues to capture hearts and wallets.
Source: psacard.com

Boasting a staggering highest price of $18,000, the Neo Destiny Shining Charizard is a treasure among Pokémon cards. With a scarce PSA 10 supply of 339 and a price range of $298 to $4,000, this card is every collector's dream.

The enduring popularity of Charizard can be attributed to digital influencers and fans' nostalgia for the trading card game and anime series. Its captivating design further enhances its appeal, making the Shining Charizard a highly sought-after collectible that continues to win hearts and wallets.

3. 2002 Pokemon Neo Destiny Shining Charizard #107 (1st Edition)

  • Price Range: $427 to $1,669
  • Highest Sale Price: $25,100
  • PSA 10 Supply: 248

A PSA 10 base set Shining Charizard card sold for  $25,100 in November 2020.
Source: psacard.com

The 2002 Neo Destiny Pokemon Shining Charizard #107 (1st Edition) is a legendary card that can turn heads and spark bidding wars. With a jaw-dropping highest sale price of $25,100, it's more valuable than a stack of rare candies. This shining gem has a design that radiates coolness, captivating collectors and fans.

This card is rarer than a shiny Mewtwo encounter. So, whether you're a die-hard collector or a Charizard fan, grab your Pokéballs and prepare to chase after this coveted piece of Pokémon history.

4. 2002 Pokemon Neo Destiny Shining Mewtwo #109 (1st Edition)

  • Price Range: $487 to $3,450
  • Highest Sale Price: $6,500
  • PSA 10 Supply: 207

Values between $487 to $3,450, Mewtwo is one of the most coveted shining legends.
Source: pricecharting.com

You already know this list can't shine without Shining Mewtwo from Neo Destiny—the psychic virtuoso that captivates collectors. With its mesmerizing holographic design and lofty market value of $487 to $3,450, depending on its grade, this card is the apple of collectors' eyes.

Teleporting back to the golden days of Pokémon, it’s value is likely to soar—much like the clairvoyant Pokémon itself. Add this legendary Pokémon history to your collection before it's too late.

5. 2007 Pokemon Espeon Gold Star (Pop Series 5) #16

  • Price Range: $393 to $12,200
  • Highest Sale Price: $22,100
  • PSA 10 Supply: 57

The Espeon Gold Star (pop series 5) has a PSA 10 supply of just 57 and a record $22,100 sale.
Source: psacard.com

Espeon Gold Star from Pop Series 5 is the psychic feline-like treat collectors pounce on. Unlike its nocturnal counterpart, Umbreon, Espeon thrives in the daytime, making it a fierce contender in a high-noon standoff.

It's no surprise that, players and collectors scramble to get their paws on this scarce treasure. With its stylish origins and coveted allures, this daylight-loving Eeveelution shines bright, fetching from $1,490 to $12,200—and a record $22,100 sale. Espeon Gold Star is a paw-some treasure that makes collectors' hearts flutter.

6. 2006 Pokemon Ex Dragon Frontiers Mew-Holo #101 (Gold Star)

  • Price Range: $150 to $5,600
  • Highest Sale Price: $7,000
  • PSA 10 Supply: 67

The Mew Gold Star Dragon Frontiers card could be yours for at least $210.
Source: psacard.com

Dive into the rare and valuable Gold Star holographic Mew card from Dragon Frontiers. This water-type twist on the iconic psychic Pokémon adds a splash of excitement to your collection. Known for its competitive prowess, this first-generation mythical Pokémon has always commanded high prices.

Boasting the highest sale price of $7,000 and only 67 PSA 10 copies, the elusive Mew is as rare as Shining Gyarados. Don't let this opportunity slip through your fingers—get a hold of Mew's design and splash into the Pokémon TCG.

7. Shining Gyarados Neo Revelation #65

  • Price Range: $103 to $4,500
  • Highest Sale Price: $4,800
  • PSA 10 Supply: 115

A PSA 10 Shining Gyarados Holo auction on eBay for $4,800 in February 2021. 
Source: pokemon.cardsrealm.com

Get ready to make a splash with Shiny Gyarados from the Neo Revelation expansion. This water-type Pokémon is making waves—it triggers a wave of nostalgia, reminding us of the iconic "Red Gyarados" from our beloved Color games and anime adventures.

With its fierce demeanor and Mega Form power PSA 10 card stands out with its red and blue color scheme. With an estimated price range of $300 to $3,000, this coveted Pokemon card is making waves.

Are Shiny Pokemon cards a good investment?

Shiny Pokémon cards have fascinated collectors and fans, from kids to adults. A unique element in the Pokémon TCG, these alternate colored Pokémon debuted in the Neo Series, featuring some of the rarest cards adorned with special holographic treatments and eye-catching appearances.

Shiny Pokémon cards may be valuable investments due to their rarity and the nostalgia they trigger among fans of the trading card game and anime series. These alternate colored Pokémon first appeared in the Neo Series with a distinct holographic treatment, making them highly sought after by collectors.

Before investing, consider how to safeguard your assets and identify promising cards to invest in.

Hidden Fates and Shining Fates expansions further amplified the appeal of these shining Pokémon, adding even more incredibly rare cards to the mix. Their popularity in the game and the anime series makes them hot commodities with high price tags and continuing demand.

From the iconic Charizard to the renowned Rayquaza, shiny Pokémon cards showcase much-loved legendary Pokémon and game-changing secret rares. Collectors scour booster packs for rarities like the Shiny Gyarados from the Lake of Rage or the ever-popular Pikachu promo card.

The Shining Magikarp Holo card #66 is highly sought after by collectors, with a PSA 10 copy fetching $5,100 on November 24, 2021.
Source: psacard.com

For many, collecting shiny Pokémon cards goes beyond having an attractive deck or expanding their collection. These rare finds evoke a sense of nostalgia, capturing fond memories of past generations and the beloved game.

The Pokémon TCG market is influenced by multiple factors, including price trends, Japan's exclusive cards, and new expansions. Staying up to date with market changes and seeking out the rarest cards—like Shining Mewtwo or Gold Star Espeon—can offer collectors and investors unique, valuable additions to enhance their collections.

Since shining Pokémon cards are spread across multiple expansions, market values, and demand can vary between eras and sets. Monitoring price trends for each category can assist in determining lucrative investment opportunities.

Authenticity and the condition of cards are also crucial factors for investors. Maintaining a card's value over time requires ensuring it is genuine and in optimal condition. Proper storage and handling can protect cards from damage and degradation.

When assessing the investment potential of shiny Pokémon cards, factors such as popularity, rarity, and historical performance come into play. By staying updated on market trends and proceeding cautiously, investors can make well-informed decisions and potentially secure profitable returns on their shiny Pokémon card investments.

Whether you're attracted by the mesmerizing beauty of alternate coloration or these dazzling cards' rarity and historical performance, investing in shiny Pokémon cards can prove a rewarding experience for enthusiasts worldwide. Their charm and popularity ensure these shining legends will dazzle the Pokémon TCG market for years.

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