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The spookiest Wednesday Funko Pop from the hit Netflix series could have investment potential. Here are the top five Wednesday Addams Funko Pops to collect before season two starts streaming.

Updated May 9, 2023

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Prepare for an exciting investment adventure in the adorably spooky world of Wednesday Addams Funko Pops, inspired by the iconic and delightfully twisted Netflix series Wednesday.

With a second season of the hit show from Netflix coming up, Wednesday Addams Funko Pop prices will likely increase.

To maximize your investment, stay current with releases and research what makes a Funko Pop valuable, such as rarity, design, and character popularity. Hunt down prized collectibles like a true Funko Fan and enjoy the potential of a terrifyingly terrific pop.

Funko Pop investments thrive on hot trends, so seize the TV Wednesday Addams Funko Pops and relive memories of this classic character in Pop! form before they become highly sought-after. Relive the delightfully twisted adventures of the Addams Family and potentially profit from this eerie investment.

Funko enthusiasts, gear up with your goth goggles and have fun recreating the mysteries and mayhem of the Netflix Wednesday series in the Pop collectible market.

Best Wednesday Funko Pop figures

Get ready, Funko fans, because Wednesday Addams Funko Pops are where it's at. These quirky collectibles rekindle your favorite memories and add a fresh take on Wednesday's classic style while packing some serious investment potential.

With unique designs, rare figures, and a captivating theme, these are the ultimate must-haves for every Addams Family enthusiast. 

Keep an eye on rarity and niche characteristics and you could be sitting on a treasure trove. Hold on to your (witch) hats because we're about to reveal the top five Wednesday Addams Funko Pops worth investing in.

1309 Wednesday Addams Funko Pop 

  • Average Price: $20
  • Highest Sale Price: $31
  • Size: Standard (3.75")
  • Variant: Standard
  • Supply: Available
  • Rarity: Available

Priced at around $20, this vinyl figure wows fans with TV Wednesday's classic black and gray outfit from the Netflix series.
Source: cardboardconnection

If you’re unsure where to begin with the Wednesday Addams Funko Pops lineup, the 1309 Wednesday Addams Pop vinyl figure could be a perfect start for your investment. At an average price of $20, this Vinyl collectible will not break the bank. It may not fetch the biggest return yet, but it’s a safe bet.

But don't assume this Pop! Television family member is not valuable just yet. Its value rose by 2% from February to April 2023. You might even fetch up to $27 to $30 for this figure as some have on eBay.

The #1309 figure's performance dipped since March 2023, hinting at a good time to buy.
Source: funkypriceguide.com

1310 Wednesday With Cello Exclusive Funko Pop 

  • Average Price: $50
  • Highest Sale Price: $102
  • Size: Standard (3.75")
  • Variant: Standard
  • Supply: Exclusive
  • Rarity: Exclusive edition

The exclusive Wednesday With Cello vinyl figure has fetched prices as high as $100.
Source: Funko.com

This exclusive Wednesday Addams Funko Pop from the Netflix Wednesday series adds a bit of oomph with an added prop of the Cello Wednesday played in the hit show and a different outfit from the traditional 1309 figure with this one having a black-striped shirt and a jacket.

Released in November 2022 and having already been sold out at Funko, you might find these figures going for triple and in one case, ten times their original price tag. Why? Reviews don't lie, and this one is worth considering.

The 1310 Wednesday With Cello Funko Pop price fluctuations between December 2022 and April 2023.
Source: hobbydb.com

816 Valentine Wednesday Addams Funko Pop Hot Topic Exclusive

  • Average Price: $55
  • Highest Sale Price: $72
  • Size: Standard (3.75")
  • Variant: Standard
  • Supply: Exclusive
  • Rarity Exclusive Hot Topic Edition

Launched in 2020, the Valentine's Day Hot Topic Wednesday Funko Pop adds a touch of love to the Addams Family's gloomy universe, with an average price of $55.
Source: popfigures.com

Hot Topic and Wednesday Addams blend romance and darkness with their exclusive Valentine's Day vinyl figure. While its value recently dropped 24%, it previously spiked to $72 from its original $12 retail price. 

Market fluctuations exist, but as an exclusive collectible, it's worth considering as an investment—especially with the possibility of a future value increase around Valentine's Day.

Graph showing the price development of 816 Wednesday Funko Pop between July 2021 to April 2023.
Source: funkypriceguide

1311 Wednesday Addams Diamond Collection Hot Topic Funko Pop

  • Average Price: $75
  • Highest Sale Price: $100
  • Size: Standard (3.75")
  • Variant: Diamond Glitter
  • Supply: Exclusive
  • Rarity Hot Topic Exclusive

Exclusive Diamond Collection 1311 Wednesday Funko Pop has an average price of $75.
Source: popfigures.com

If you already own the 1311 Wednesday Funk Pop or want something with more style, then the Diamond Collection 1311 is your choice. Released in October 2022, this Hot Topic exclusive vinyl figure measures 3.75 inches and adds a touch of luxury with the shiny Diamond Collection material.

Diamond Wednesday, the third #1311 exclusive, saw a value spike from $22 to $75, maintaining its increased worth.
Source: funkypriceguide

This was one of several Hot Topic exclusives for children and adults from the Netflix show and the third of the 1311 line. With a value of $75 compared to the original $22 in 2022, the stock of this figure shot up and maintained its value for quite a while.

811 Wednesday Addams Funko Pop Exclusive Black and White Edition 

  • Average Price: $113
  • Highest Sale Price: $177
  • Size: Standard (3.75")
  • Variant: Standard
  • Supply: Exclusive
  • Rarity: Limited Edition

The black and white special edition #811 Wednesday Funko Pop has a price tag of around $113.
Source: popfigures.com

The 811 Wednesday Funko Pop comes packaged in a window display box with an even cooler version: Black and white. With the highest resale price of over $170, this edition has over five times the original resale value of the original figure.

Graph showing 811 Wednesday Addams Funko Pop Black and White Edition price development.
Source: funkypriceguide.com

Why invest in Wednesday Addams Funko Pops?

They say you have to strike the iron when it’s hot, and Wednesday is very hot right now (the property, too, not just Jenna Ortega), so you need to join in on the hype.

With a second season of the hit show from Netflix coming up, Wednesday Addams Funko Pop prices will likely increase, especially for rarer packaged figures since that’s when Funko tends to release new ones.

A smart investor needs to take advantage of trends, and what bigger TV trend was there in 2022 than Wednesday? For example, during the height of the MCU, a Freddy Funko Iron Man Pop came out with the highest sale price of $43,000.

You could become that prophetic investor that capitalizes on audiences flocking to Netflix for Wednesday season two not being old enough to buy Funko Pops themselves—it’s a choking hazard for kids, after all.

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