The Top Ten Richest YouTubers of 2023

Who's the richest YouTuber of 2023? From tech titans to beauty gurus, check out our list of YouTube’s top ten wealthiest creators.

Updated Aug 11, 2023

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YouTube has exploded from a budding video platform in 2005 to a $15 billion galaxy of digital stardom. It's an arena where ordinary folks, armed with creativity, charm, and tenacity have morphed into mega-rich magnates, raking in cash from clicks and views.

MrBeast’s career has proved remarkably lucrative, earning $54 million in 2021 alone with a monthly income of about $3 million from YouTube.

Our star-studded roster of YouTube's top ten richest creators boasts tech maestros, beauty savants, and gaming virtuosos who, through grit and wit, have rewritten the rules of wealth and fame.

They're not just stories of inspiration but compelling masterclasses on thriving in a world where clout means cash and every click counts.

What makes YouTube so popular?

YouTube is a vlogger's paradise. With a global stage to perform, efficient tools to play, and a revenue model to pay, it's no wonder vloggers worldwide rush to post. The algorithm's helping hand in gaining views is like the cherry on top. Plus, a space to chat directly with viewers—perfect for building a loyal fanbase. And let's not forget the fun ways to diversify through livestreams and Shorts.

YouTube has become a virtual goldmine in a few nifty ways. For starters, creators can earn a cut from the ads shown on their videos. And the YouTube Partner Program offers more ways to monetize—we're talking channel memberships, Super Chat, and Merch Shelf. it's like a cash fiesta.

Brands always seek popular YouTube creators for partnerships, leveraging their influence to reach wider audiences in a genuine, relatable way. It's a win-win for creators, too, who get paid handsomely for these partnerships. And yes, crowdfunded projects have found a generous community in YouTube viewers.

Who is the richest Youtuber in 2023?

This list comprises successful YouTubers who have earned stardom and immense wealth through diverse content, including youthful sing-alongs, stimulating gameplay, comedic commentary, toy unboxing, thrilling challenges, makeup how-tos, and confessional vlogs.

1. Anastasia Radzinskaya (Like Nastya)

  • Net Worth: $20 million
  • YouTube channel: Like Nastya
  • YouTuber since: 2016
  • Subscribers: 106 million
  • Annual earnings: $3.1 million

Born in Russia in 2014, Anastasia Radzinskaya, famously known as Like Nastya, is a remarkable young YouTuber with a $20 million net worth. Despite her tender age and early developmental challenges due to cerebral palsy, she runs six successful YouTube channels with her parents' help.

Anastasia's partnerships with Yoola, Jellysmack, and Legoland extend her reach.
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Anastasia's channel's content ranges from children's songs to family vlogs dubbed in various languages, demonstrating her global appeal which accumulated 106 million subscribers.

Anastasia extended her reach by signing deals with Los Angeles-based network Yoola and internet video distribution company Jellysmack. Her growing popularity further led to partnerships with brands like Legoland, which earns Nastya approximately $400,000 per month.

Nastya has also branched out to hawking a line of toys, mobile games, and a book. By securing the sixth spot on Forbes' 2021 list of top-earning YouTubers, Anastasia exemplifies how hard work, resilience, and imagination can lead to unparalleled success at an incredibly young age.

2. Daniel Middleton (DanTDM)

  • Net worth: $35 million
  • YouTube channel: DanTDM
  • YouTuber since: 2012
  • Subscribers: 27.6 million
  • Annual earnings: $4 million

British gaming whizkid Daniel Middleton, AKA DanTDM, turned his love for video games into a YouTube goldmine. Born in Aldershot, Hampshire, in 1991, Middleton has surely milked the digital era. Swing by his YouTube channel to see what 27.6 million subscribers tune in for—an exhilarating ride into Minecraft, Roblox, Pokémon, Sonic the Hedgehog, and more.

Starting his journey in 2012, DanTDM dived headfirst into Minecraft videos. His animated adventures and humorous game commentaries have since raked in over 19.1 billion views. And that's what sets him apart—his contagious enthusiasm, witty banter, and ability to make pixels tell compelling stories.

British YouTuber Daniel Middleton, aka ‘Dan TDM,’ holds a record for most views on a dedicated Minecraft channel.
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And boy, has he struck gold along this journey. Estimates suggest that his net worth hovers somewhere around $35 million. Quite a sum, but the internet is full of whispers. What's no secret, though, is that he topped Forbes' highest-paid YouTube stars list in 2017, raking in $16.5 million that year.

Beyond his earnings from clicks and views, he is also a published author with a popular graphic novel under his belt. And then there's his merchandise line, another lucrative venture adding to his coffers. Streams on Twitch, brand deals, and sponsorships further add to his ever-growing fortune.

As a recipient of Kids' Choice Awards and a Guinness World Record holder several times over, DanTDM’s popularity is skyrocketing—and so is his bank balance. This isn't a mere video game enthusiast—his winning strategy and engaging personality ensure that his digital empire keeps growing.

3. Mark Edward Fischbach (Markiplier)

  • Net worth: $38 million
  • YouTube channel: Markiplier
  • YouTuber since: 2012
  • Subscribers: 35.3 million
  • Annual earnings: $5 million

YouTube marvel Mark Edward Fischbach, AKA Markiplier, transformed his life from an engineering student to a multi-millionaire. Bursting onto the YouTube scene in 2012 at age 23, this intrepid gamer and content creator turned his hobby into a lucrative venture that still thrives a decade later.

Today, Markiplier has become synonymous with hilarious commentary and thrilling, heart-stopping gameplay. With over 35 million subscribers eagerly waiting for his next move, Markiplier is hailed for his "Let's Play" videos of horror games like Five Nights at Freddy's and Amnesia: The Dark Descent.

Markiplier's ingenious content approach has rewarded him significantly, leading to an impressive financial windfall of around $35 million. A powerhouse among his peers, Markiplier's net worth continues to grow, with an estimated annual income of $10 million to $20 million.

Markiplier isn't solely reliant on YouTube proceeds. He’s cashed in on fashion, co-founding the clothing line Cloak, an endeavor that saw a 3,900% increase in sales within its first year. When he's not slaying on-screen monsters or designing hoodies, he's nabbing roles in films and TV, testing another tributary of income.

As for his hard-earned money, Markiplier knows how to enjoy the fruits of his labor. In sunny California, he owns a sleek $4 million home, while his garage proudly displays a collection of luxury cars, including a Ferrari and a Tesla.

Make no mistake, Markiplier's financial triumph doesn’t eclipse his generosity. A consistent contributor to charity, he embodies using fame and wealth for good—an example to anyone daring enough to pursue their dreams.

4. Richard Tyler Blevins (Ninja)

  • Net worth: $40 million
  • YouTube channel: Ninja
  • YouTuber since: 2011
  • Subscribers: 23.7 million
  • Annual earnings: $6 million

Richard Tyler Blevins, AKA Ninja, is the ultimate new-age celeb rocking the digital universe. At just 32 years old, this blue-haired dynamo has turned online gaming into his playground and YouTube into his gold mine.

In 2009, Blevins started with Halo 3. But when he gave fans a front-row seat to his high-octane Fortnite Battle Royale gaming shenanigans on YouTube, sky-high wasn't the limit anymore. Millions flocked to his channel—23.7 million subs and 2.5 billion views. With his gaming finesse and relatable humor, he created a spectacle, bewitching audiences worldwide.

Richard Tyler Blevins has mastered online gaming and YouTube, turning his Fortnite Battle Royale skills into gold.
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Why the fame, you ask? Simple. Ninja mixed the right ingredients—insatiable gaming skills, infectious energy, and a generous dose of entertainment. And there you have it, the recipe to his digital stardom. Not to mention, his edge-of-the-seat, adrenaline-rush live streams on Twitch have amassed 18.5 million followers. No wonder brands swarmed him like bees to honey, taking his net worth to a stunning $40 million.

In 2019, he landed a gig with Mixer, pocketing $30 million when the platform folded. And by 2023, he was making approximately $6 million annually, thanks to ad revenues and brand deals.

Beyond YouTube and Twitch, Blevins has shrewd investment instincts. He's power-played his earnings into rewarding assets—a splendid multi-million-dollar house, a handful of snazzy cars, and even a role as the Chief Innovative Officer for GameSquare, and they're all hitting home runs. Besides gaming, it's clear that Blevins also knows how to score in real life.

So there you have it, the tale of an ordinary gamer who 'ninja-ed' his way to storied heights of success. If there ever were a proven blueprint to YouTube fame and fortune, it would've had Richard Tyler Blevins screenname on it.

5. Felix Kjellberg (PewDiePie)

  • Net worth: $40 million
  • YouTube channel: PewDiePie
  • YouTuber since: 2010
  • Subscribers: 111 million
  • Annual earnings: $6 million

Famed Swedish YouTuber Felix Kjellberg, AKA PewDiePie, is a trailblazer within the digital realm. Embarking on his YouTube journey at just 20 years old in 2010, PewDiePie built a solid audience through his distinctive genre of comical commentary and gameplay videos.

Starting with 'Let’s Play' video game narratives, he curated a unique brand of content that swiftly resonated with his audience. His subscriber count rapidly grew to one million by 2012, a milestone virtually unheard of at the time. By 2013, PewDiePie was the most subscribed channel on YouTube, and within a year, tripled his subscriber count.

PewDiePie's car collection, valued at an estimated $590,000, includes a Nissan Micra and a sleek Ferrari 488 GTB.

'King' PewDiePie attained over 100 million YouTube subscribers in 2020, becoming the first creator to achieve this. Even with a notable evolution in his content, his YouTube videos continue to engage an average of 6.3 million viewers.

PewDiePie's net worth is reportedly $40 million. A major part of his income comes from YouTube AdSense, a platform that pays creators for ads displayed on their content. He is reckoned to amass over $1 million from ad content per video. His cumulative earnings from YouTube alone are projected to be $114 million.

In addition to AdSense revenue, PewDiePie makes money from brand partnerships, including a collaboration with NordVPN. Besides his YouTube-centric ventures, PewDiePie generates revenue through his merchandise line and an exclusive live-streaming agreement with YouTube.

6. Logan Paul

  • Net worth: $45 million
  • YouTube channel: Logan Paul
  • YouTuber since: 2013
  • Subscribers: 26 million
  • Annual earnings: $8 million

At 28, Logan Paul, an innovative game-changer in the digital age, has transformed content creation and entrepreneurship. Renowned for his engaging vlogs, hilarious pranks, and enthralling challenges, Logan Paul has enjoyed a meteoric rise to YouTube fame. His unexpected yet exceptional marketing skills have propelled Logan Paul's net worth to an estimated $45 million.

Born in Westlake, Ohio, Paul first found fame on the now-defunct Vine platform before moving over to YouTube, where he assembled over 26 million subscribers. His eccentric vlogs have garnered over six billion views on the platform, contributing significantly to his multi-million dollar earnings.

However, his journey to fame hasn't been without controversy. Notable is the backlash from filming a video in Japan's infamous “Suicide Forest.” This incident led to a fall in merch sales, the loss of sponsors, and a suspension from advertising on YouTube. However, when Paul returned to YouTube, he donated $1 million to suicide prevention organizations, demonstrating his ability to navigate tough waters.

Logan's business and entrepreneurial skills and acumen have also shone through his success with Maverick Apparel. Within nine months, the merchandise company recorded over $40 million in sales. He has diversified his portfolio beyond YouTube, amassing an array of luxury assets and investments, including a striking collection of cars—Lamborghinis, Bentleys, and a Mercedes Benz G-wagon.

Beyond merchandise and luxury cars, Paul's property portfolio is impressive. Among his real estate assets is a $25 million mansion in Ohio, properties in New York, Miami, Kansas City, Florida, and Puerto Rico. He also owns an 80-acre mountain ranch in California.

Logan has poured millions into Bitcoin and Ethereum, showing a keen interest in the crypto market and highlighting his risk-taking side. Among his most extraordinary assets is a valuable collection of Pokémon cards, including a PSA 10 Pikachu Illustrator worth $5.25 million.

In the whirlwind world of digital fame, Paul's story underlines the vast potential of online platforms and personal branding. His success and controversies serve as a beacon for aspiring digital influencers and entrepreneurs around the globe. Regardless of how one feels about his content or choices, it's undeniable that Logan Paul remains a compelling figure among YouTube celebrities.

7. Vladislav and Nikita Vashketov (Vlad and Niki)

  • Net worth: $88 million
  • YouTube channel: Vlad and Niki
  • YouTuber since: 2018
  • Subscribers: 99.5 million
  • Annual earnings: $2 million

Famed for their vibrant YouTube channel, Vlad and Niki are two young boys who—despite being nine and seven—have amassed an astounding 99.5 million subscribers since launching ‘Vladik Toys’ on their YouTube channel on April 23, 2018.

Vlad & Niki became top-earning YouTubers in 2019, earning $312,000 per video. 
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Their kid-friendly and diverse content ranges from engaging vlogs to imaginative roleplays. Their natural charm, combined with their parent's astute managerial guidance, led to many brand partnerships with companies such as Hot Wheels and Paw Patrol. This magic formula has resulted in financial success beyond imagination.

As of 2019, their income was $312,000 per video, making them the highest-earning YouTubers globally. Their venture into merchandising Vlad & Niki products has also bolstered their revenue.

Despite a few criticisms, Vlad and Niki’s popularity continues to thrive. Their youthful creativity enchants millions of children worldwide and carved their path to success.

8. Ryan Kaji (Ryan's World)

  • Net worth: $100 million
  • YouTube channel: Ryan's World
  • YouTuber since: 2015
  • Subscribers: 35.2 million
  • Annual earnings: $20 million

Ryan Kaji, the nine-year-old prodigy behind Ryan's World, has cultivated a net worth of $100 million. Rising to fame with his YouTube channel, Ryan's charismatic engagement and youthful enthusiasm have won over 35 million subscribers and over 55 billion views. His engaging and friendly content includes unboxing toys, DIY activities, and educational videos, appealing to a young audience.

This internet sensation has earned colossal cash piles—Ryan reportedly seeped $26 million in 2019 from video views alone. Beyond YouTube, Ryan's influence has spread into retail, too. He launched the Ryan's World toy line with Bonkers Toys and, marking him the first child YouTuber to venture into product lines.

Ryan's World toy line, in collaboration with Bonkers Toys and, marks him as the first child YouTuber with a product line.
Image source:

Ryan's family is also basking in the young star's success, amassing a fortune from their son's online venture and reportedly investing in luxurious assets like a $1.4 million Rolls Royce Ghost.

Despite controversies regarding child exploitation and improper disclosure of sponsored videos, Ryan's story embodies the limitless scope of digital content creation, where charisma and creativity align. Young Ryan Kaji reminds us all that age is but a number.

9. Jimmy Donaldson (MrBeast)

  • Net worth: $105 million
  • YouTube channel: MrBeast
  • YouTuber since: 2012
  • Subscribers: 172 million
  • Annual earnings: $20 million

MrBeast, born Jimmy Donaldson in 1998, has carved out an impressive YouTube repertoire, building a net worth exceeding $105 million. MrBeast's net worth testifies to his ironclad grasp of YouTube dynamics and his knack for sharing appealing, philanthropic content.

His journey on YouTube started in 2012 at the tender age of 13 and has since culminated in a fan base of 172 million subscribers—the most subscribed YouTube channel for an individual.

MrBeast became famous for his “worst intros” series, where he humorously critiqued other YouTubers’ introductions. He mastered the YouTube algorithm and focused on unique, attention-grabbing stunts and generous philanthropic acts, earning him the reputation of YouTube's biggest philanthropist.

His career has proved remarkably lucrative, earning $54 million in 2021 alone with a monthly income of about $3 million from YouTube. He also raises funds for charity organizations, with donations exceeding $30 million. Besides YouTube revenue, he has generated income through brand sponsorships and merchandise sales.

However, MrBeast's career isn't limited to creating engaging content. He has shown his entrepreneurial prowess by launching successful businesses and making strategic investments. Feastables, a chocolate bar and sweets brand, and MrBeast Burger, a delivery-based burger franchise with over 500 locations across the U.S., demonstrate his ability to diversify income streams.

Feastables and MrBeast Burger highlight Jimmy Donaldson's success in leveraging content creation to successfully promote business ventures.
Image source:

Not limiting himself to traditional investments, MrBeast has significantly invested in new-age assets—Cryptocurrencies and NFTs. He put $1.5 million into Bitcoin and bought eight CryptoPunks NFTs, which he later sold for a sizable profit.

MrBeast's portfolio also includes real estate, ranging from a private island in the Bahamas to warehouses, office spaces, and studios in Greenville, North Carolina. Through his innovative thinking, calculated risk-taking, and unwavering dedication, he continues to expand his empire while contributing significantly to philanthropic causes.

Possessing a unique blend of wit, creativity, and empathy, MrBeast has truly mastered the art of content creation and investment, making him one of the most successful and influential individuals on YouTube.

10. Jeffree Star

  • Net worth: $200 million
  • YouTube channel: Jeffreestar
  • YouTuber since: 2006
  • Subscribers: 15.9 million
  • Annual earnings: $40 million

Jeffree Star's $200 million net worth proves that following your passion can be rewarding. At 36, this vibrant YouTube influencer is one of the highest earners on the platform.

Jeffree started his YouTube career in 2006 and quickly embraced his love of beauty, specializing in makeup tutorials, beauty reviews, and vlogs. His magnetic personality and in-depth knowledge of beauty products drew in global audiences. His canvas? The human face. His palette? Merely his namesake brand, Jeffree Star Cosmetics—founded in 2014.

What makes Jeffree tick with such a vast audience? Is it his spot-on makeup tips or his frank reviews on a rollercoaster of beauty brands? Well, it's a mix of all these and a little extra spice of personality. Jeffree Star's content is diversified, featuring well-received content like My Boyfriend Does My MakeupFull Face Using Only Liquid Lipsticks, and Trying Dollar General Makeup For The First Time.

Jeffree Star reinvests in his makeup line, earning over $100 million yearly. 
Image source:

With over 15.9 million subscribers on YouTube alone, Jeffree's success is built on his ability to spot opportunities and invest wisely. A part of his fortune is plowed back into his wildly successful makeup line, Jeffree Star Cosmetics, which grosses over $100 million annually.

Star's investments are as colorful as his palettes. He owns a $14.6 million LA mansion in the prestigious Hidden Hills, a controversial yak ranch, and a stake in the booming marijuana business. His luxe lifestyle includes a Hermès Birkin bag collection, rumored to be one of the largest globally, and a gleaming supercar assembly boasting a Tiffany Blue McLaren.

If we were to answer the burning question of who is the richest YouTuber in 2023, we'd have to pull out the crystal ball. However, with the pace at which Jeffree Star is growing, it wouldn't be shocking if the title lands in his lap.

Is creating a YouTube channel profitable?

Creating YouTube content can be a good investment considering its vast reach and monetization potential. With over 2.6 billion global monthly users, YouTube has immense reach, making it a lucrative platform for businesses.

Viewers dedicate over one billion hours to content daily, underscoring the platform's engagement potential. Short-form videos, live streams, and trend-based content have proven particularly successful, with 2.3 billion users enjoying such content in 2021 alone.

However, becoming a successful YouTuber isn’t a walk in the park. Navigating algorithm changes, maintaining consistent viewership, and producing high-quality content can pose significant hurdles. Investment in necessary equipment may also be quite costly, amounting to thousands of dollars.

Nonetheless, strategic planning and patience often pay off. Emphasizing quality, understanding the platform's evolving trends, and building a solid marketing strategy are crucial elements of a fruitful YouTube career. Therefore, if done right, YouTube content creation can offer a strong return on investment and substantial growth potential.

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