The World’s 8 Richest Gamblers: How Much Money Have They Made?

Discover the astonishing wealth and success stories of the world's richest gamblers who've turned their passion into lucrative careers. From Kerry Packer's multi-billion dollar empire to Phil Ivey's mastery at the poker tables.


Updated Apr 8, 2024

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Gambling Wealth

You will be amazed at how much money some gamblers can make. Once in a while, a gambler comes onto the scene with the bravery to take risks, using their skill to turn bets into millions of dollars.

Wondering who the world’s eight richest gamblers are and how much money they have made? This article will provide you with all those details and more.

Kerry Packer - $6.5 Billion

Kerry Packer, an Australian media company owner, had a strong passion for gambling. In addition to owning one of the largest media companies in the world, he was also known for his outstanding gambling abilities. He had the skill to make blackjack dealers shake in their boots when he approached the tables.

As with any gambling, it all comes at a price, and Packer was no different, losing a staggering $22.06 million in 1999. This is one of the largest gambling losses ever recorded. He was also known to win big during his annual vacations, both in the United Kingdom and in Las Vegas. On average, he won in the region of $4.6 million every year when vacationing. Packer passed away a few days after his 68th birthday in December 2005.

Tony Bloom - $1.7 Billion

Tony Bloom is an English entrepreneur, sports bettor, and brilliant poker player who graduated with a degree in mathematics at the University of Manchester in the United Kingdom. He has been given the nickname “The Lizard” when playing poker for his ability to remain calm no matter what the stakes are. For Bloom, playing poker is a way of having fun and escaping his busy entrepreneurial life.

His poker winning started in January 2004, when he won the Australian Poker Championships in Melbourne. He then went on to win the No Limit Hold’em VC Poker Cup in London in 2005. He is also one of the biggest horse racing bettors on the planet as of March 2023.

Bill Benter - $1.55 Billion

Bill Benter is a professional gambler known for learning how to count cards and becoming a casino nightmare. He is also known for developing one of the most successful software programs used in the horse race betting industry today, earning almost $1 billion.

Benter was only 22 years old when he left university, moved to Las Vegas, and started playing blackjack. With his interest and skill in gambling mathematics, he was able to beat the odds at winning blackjack hands, helping him become one of the richest gamblers in the world today.

Edward Thorp - $800 Million

Edward Thorp is an American mathematics professor who is known as one of the most successful gamblers in the world. He is best known for inventing card counting, which has helped him reach his rich status. He is the author of one of the most popular gambling books, Beat the Dealer.

His victories have been noted throughout the world, resulting in him securing his place in the Blackjack Hall of Fame.

Andrew Black - $670 Million

Andrew Black is a British entrepreneur and racehorse owner. His passion for gambling has resulted in him becoming one of the world’s richest gamblers today, with a net worth of $670 million. He is also known as the founder of an online gambling program that was launched in the early 2000s.

While working in London, he found his passion for gambling and started enjoying great success. However, after enjoying initial success, he found it was not enough to support his lifestyle, resulting in him setting up a software business.

Phil Ivey - $125 Million

Phil Ivey is one of the world’s best poker players, having won ten World Series of Poker bracelets, along with numerous trophies. He is known for winning a staggering $16 million in one game. He originally worked in a telemarketing company and had great fun playing poker against his co-workers. This turned his passion into him becoming one of the world’s eight richest gamblers.

Ivey was also on the design team for a popular online poker site, Full Tilt Poker. In addition to his impressive World of Poker Series bracelets, he has also won other competitions, including the LA Poker Classic.

Chris Ferguson - $80 Million

Chris Ferguson realized his passion for gambling at a very early age and played at some of the top casinos in the world. His debut at the World Series of Poker competition was his opportunity to showcase his gambling skills. With six World Series of Poker bracelets to his name, he is regarded as one of the wealthiest gamblers in the United States.

Like players who visit to play free slots, Ferguson started playing poker on the internet while a student at university. He discovered at a young age that playing his favorite gambling games offered not just something enjoyable to do but also a way to make easy money—if you know what you’re doing.

Howard Lederer - $60 Million

Howard Lederer has two World Series of Poker bracelets and two World Poker Tour titles to his name. Born in New Hampshire, he is not the only professional poker player in his family but is responsible for contributing to numerous poker-playing books and online programs.

Lederer is another professional poker player who dropped out of university to pursue a full-time career in playing poker and achieved tremendous financial success.

In Conclusion

While gambling is a risky business and wins are never guaranteed, many people have achieved great success. The world’s eight wealthiest gamblers are a testament to this, showing that if you have the right skills, risking what you can do without, and great caution, you can enjoy outstanding wins and make a career out of it.

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