Hidden Treasures of Azeroth: The Rarest Mounts in World of Warcaft

Uncover the rarest mounts treasured in the world of Azeroth. This is your handbook to the digital beasts of World of Warcraft, from the regal Crusader's White Warhorse to the all-powerful Black Qiraji Battle Tank.

Updated Sep 13, 2023

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In the grand odyssey of World of Warcraft (WoW), treasures linger hidden, trapped in whispers and legends. Among these cryptic wonders, the rarest WoW mounts glitter—so elusive that their capture is a mesmerizing tale of triumph and fervor.

The Black Qiraji Resonating Crystal was so elusive that only players who dived into the Gates of Ahn'iraj during the Scepter of the Shifting Sands event got their hands on it.

This article is your exclusive guide to these almost unobtainable digital beasts, illuminating the rarest and most coveted mounts known to the WoW universe. Let's embark on an exciting expedition to unveil the secrets of Azeroth's most elusive creatures.

What are World of Warcraft mounts?

World of Warcraft is more than an epic quest. It's a vast universe brimming with fascinating mounts. More than being digital pets, these mounts are turbo-charged tickets to traveling across Azeroth. Whether galloping through The Barrens or soaring over Mount Hyjal, they bring an exciting dynamic to the game.

Every mount has a unique aesthetic and features, from rugged Kodos to majestic Imperial Quilens. Some offer an exhilarating ride on both ground and air from as early as Level 20. Dealer's choice, if you think about it.

The most exciting part? The all-consuming chase. From everyday attainable mounts to the rarest WoW mounts triggering your adrenaline, the pursuit keeps you hooked. You know the thrill of it—those countless nights in the Icecrown Citadel, the heart pounding for the legendary Invincible's Reins to drop, the sheer elation of being one of the few owners of the Time-Lost Proto-Drake or the Silent Glider.

Even when mounts are tied to victories of gritty PvP bouts, exclusive events, or the Trading Card Game, it boils down to the chase. Adding a new mount, especially a rare one, to your collection feels like a standing ovation, your crowning achievement in the hall of Azeroth's fame.

Why mounts in WoW are so rare

Across WoW's narrative, some mounts have evolved into rare, possibly extinct artifacts tied to game updates and events. Some, like the Black Qiraji Battle Tank from the Gates of Ahn'Qiraj event, were one-off occurrences—attaining them is like owning a piece of WoW history. Others, like Zulian Tiger or Razzashi Raptor, were retired post-expansions, making previous claimants owners of nostalgic trophies.

The thrill of the chase is elevated through low drop rates, competition, race or class restrictions, and time-sensitive content. Snagging these mounts isn’t just about in-game mobility—it's a prestigious tag of dedication, persistence, and a bit of luck. 

And with each content patch, new mounts enter the scene, widening the opportunities for collection. So rare WoW mounts aren't just about traversal—they're legendary footprints in the evolving sands of WoW's epic history.

The rarest mounts in WoW

Ready to unravel the coveted tales of Black Qiraji Resonating Crystal and Thundering Cobalt Cloud Serpent? Eager to learn about the rare Feldrake or crave the scoop about Fluorescent Green Mechanostrider’s existence? Then hold tight as we traverse the most elusive, breathtaking, and highly sought-after mounts in WoW.

1. Arctic Wolf

  • Requirement: Purchasable in Classic WoW for Level 60 Horde
  • Type: Ground Mount
  • Patch: 3.3.0
  • Status: Retired

The once prestigious Arctic Wolf mount is now a rare sight solely ridden by Horde veterans.
Image source: warcraftmounts.com

A rare sighting of an Arctic Wolf mount stirs nostalgia in Orgrimmar, the heart of Horde territory. It was once a prestigious symbol in World of Warcraft, prized for its aesthetics and enhanced ground, flight, and swim speeds. Only achieved by those who reached Level 40 and honed Journeyman Riding skills, it was a mark of agility and resilience.

However, after patch 1.4.0, the Arctic Wolf transformed into a relic of the past, seen only under the reins of Horde veterans. Even though it's now a fading echo, the sighting of this majestic beast remains a magnificent display of times gone by.

The sought-after mount inspires awe and respect, symbolizing a thundering display of loyalty and prowess. Riders flaunting this old-school ride continue to soak in an aura of exclusiveness, glory, and admiration.

2. Black Nightsaber

  • Requirement: Available for Level 60 Night Elves pre-1.4 patch
  • Type: Ground Mount
  • Patch: 1.0
  • Status: Retired

The elusive Black Nightsaber was a high-speed ground mount sought by Alliance players.
Image source: wow-petopia.com

In the classic WoW metaverse, the Black Nightsaber was the prized pursuit of high-level Alliance players. Deceptive in speed and stealth, it left a legacy that Patch 1.4's armor upgrade inadvertently pushed into WoW lore.

Despite being a ground mount, the Nightsaber's 100% speed boost rivaled most beasts, classifying it alongside esteemed feline mounts like the Swift Zulian Panther. Securing a Black Nightsaber nowadays is impossible, so the mount's rarity amplifies its appeal.

Although it may resurface in a future patch, the longer it remains datamined and unreleased by Blizzard, the more it fuels speculation among WoW players.

3. White Stallion

  • Requirement: Purchasable in Classic WoW before patch 1.4 if players met certain conditions
  • Type: Ground Mount
  • Patch: 1.0
  • Status: Retired

The classic World of Warcraft White Stallion is a nostalgic in-game item.
Image source: wowpedia.fandom.com

The White Stallion was more than a random drop. Available during the classic WoW 1.0 Patch, owning this mount was a badge of heritage coveted by Alliance players and envied by Horde counterparts. To claim it required effort, demanding a Level 40 character and a Journeyman Riding skill.

Notwithstanding, the thrill of possessing one of WoW's rarest mounts was unmatched. However, with the 1.4.0 Patch, unarmored mounts like White Stallion were replaced, heightening its rarity and nostalgia. The White Stallion remains a cherished memory in WoW history.

4. Swift Zevra

  • Requirement: Reward for the Recruit-A-Friend program
  • Type: Ground Mount
  • Patch: 2.4.3
  • Status: Retired

Swift Zevra was a Recruit-A-Friend reward mount notable for its 110% speed.
Image source: wowhead.com

The revered Swift Zevra mount from World of Warcraft epitomizes rarity. Initially, it urged players to bring friends into WoW's intricate world via the Recruit-A-Friend program. Rewarded after a friend's game purchase commitment of a three-month adventure, it was a gritty ride unlocked at Level 10.

Known for speed surpassing 110%, it was a more feisty creature than compliant mount—a narrative enhanced since its retirement and replacement. Its absence leaves many veterans nostalgic, sparking talk of a possible return.

Despite no longer being available, the Swift Zevra's unique history and stature consistently ignite discussions, underlining the WoW mount’s legendary status.

5. Crusader's White Warhorse

  • Requirement: Secured by undefeated Alliance on 25-man Grand Crusader
  • Type: Ground Mount
  • Patch: 3.2.0
  • Status: Retired

The Crusader's White Warhorse symbolizes valor and resilience earned by mastering Alliance's 25-player Trial of the Grand Crusader in World of Warcraft.
Image source: warcraftmounts.com

A few mounts in the World of Warcraft leave a lasting mark, and the Crusader's White Warhorse is a prime example. This mount was the crowning glory for Alliance players who could master the intricate 25-player version of the Trial of the Grand Crusader without a single loss of life. This was no easy feat, but the daring few who accomplished it held the mount's reins with immense pride.

This Warhorse's regal stature and white brilliance symbolized valor, achievement, and resilience. Its sight stopped fellow adventurers in their tracks as you rode through Stormwind. To have this mount, a player must be an Alliance racer of at least Level 17 and possess the Journeyman Riding skill.

Despite creating a stir in the gaming community, Blizzard Entertainment removed this mount from the game in Patch 4.0.3a. However, this only increased the Warhorse's appeal, making it a rare commodity found by the lucky few who acquired it before its disappearance.

Adding a touch of intrigue is its chameleon-like trait: switch to a Horde faction, and the mount morphs into the dark, equally majestic Crusader's Black Warhorse.

6. Black Qiraji Battle Tank

  • Requirement: Exclusive to Ahn'Qiraj gate openers
  • Type: Flying Mount
  • Patch: 1.9.0
  • Status: Retired

The Black Qiraji Battle Tank from WoW's Classic era was a speed-boosting treasure earned via the arduous Scepter quest.
Image source: warcraftmounts.com

In WoW’s Classic era, the Scepter of the Shifting Sands quest birthed the coveted Black Qiraji Battle Tank—the epitome of WoW history. This insectoid armored mount was an unmissable symbol of tenacity and skill, boosting speed by 100%, faster than any others, and summonable in a swift 1.5 seconds.

Acquiring it meant surviving the brutal Scepter quest line, concluding at an exclusive event, the Gates of Ahn'Qiraj. Only the first to ring the Scarab Gong could claim it. After that, it vanished. Its revered status among veterans underpins its worth as a luminary of WoW's glorious legacy.

7. Explorer's Jungle Hopper

  • Requirement: Reward for the Recruit-A-Friend program
  • Type: Flying Mount
  • Patch: 8.2.5
  • Status: Retired

The rare Explorer's Jungle Hopper dual-seat mount was a cooperative gameplay icon.
Image source: warcraftmounts.com

You'll find a sea of varying mounts in the mind-blowing realms of World of Warcraft, created by the maestros at Blizzard Entertainment. But not all are created equal. Among a select few, the rare Explorer's Jungle Hopper reigns supreme.

This two-seater glider plane is a badge of honor for players who dedicated time and investment in WoW. Fancy a skydive over Shadowlands into an eerie marshland? Hopper’s your go-to mount.

What makes it so unique? Simple, it's super rare. Players needed to recruit a committed friend for nine months to claim the Hopper. Plus, they had to match Her Majesty as Level Ten riders with Apprentice and Expert riding skills.

Adding to its uniqueness, this mount allowed cooperative gameplay with dual seats. Its value lies in its rarity and the joy of achievement.

Summoning the Explorer's Jungle Hopper required attaining Level 70, Keys to the Explorer's Jungle Hopper, and Apprentice Riding skills. The mount is scarce today since it became unobtainable after patch 10.0.7.

8. Prestigious Midnight Courser (Legion)

  • Requirement: Achievable at Prestige Level 25
  • Type: Ground and Flying Mount
  • Patch:
  • Status: Retired

The Prestigious Midnight Courser once called for over a million honor points, which increased to 4.4 million honor points before retirement.
Image source: warcraftmounts.com

The Prestigious Midnight Courser is no ordinary mount in World of Warcraft. Among the rarest WoW mounts, fewer than 0.6% of Level 120 players hold this distinct honor. Surprisingly, it's even less common than the rare drops from elite mobs.

Those seeking to ride this glorious steed during the epic Legion expansion faced a formidable challenge. Racking up over a million honor points was as difficult as defeating a World boss on Mythic difficulty. However, with the Battle for Azeroth, the daunting task required 4.4 million points.

Blizzard Entertainment, always one for exciting twists, recently transformed this ground mount into a majestic flyer. What could be more thrilling? This illustrious steed commemorates perseverance and proficiency in PvP combat, echoing the battles fought and the challenges overcome.

As it stands tall in the southeast corner amid the crimson hues of the setting Coral Forest sun, the Prestigious Midnight Courser is a living symbol of triumph, embodying the charm and legend of the Shifting Sands. It's indeed one of the most extraordinary and rarest mounts in WoW.

9. Swift Shore Strider

  • Requirement: Level 10 with Apprentice Riding
  • Type: Flying Mount
  • Patch: 4.3.0
  • Status: Retired

Tracing its roots to a rare Trading Card Game drop, the Swift Shore Strider mount is a mysterious WoW mount.
Image source: wowtcglootcards.com

The Swift Shore Strider is more than a towering turquoise creature. Originating from a throw of the dice in Blizzard's Trading Card Game, this coastal bird is a head-turner in the Azeroth landscape.

Riding this not-so-old bird isn't a walk in the park, though. The quest starts with a unique 25-digit code from the Wasteland Tallstrider card that appears once in every 264 booster packs. Inputting this code on WoW's Promotion Page generates an in-game code to claim this rare mount from Landro Longshot in Booty Bay.

The Swift Shore Strider couldn't be obtained through contemporary in-game approaches like drops or achievements. But there was a glimmer of hope when it reportedly surfaced as a reward for Twitch Prime members in 2012. However, such tips were ephemeral. The current whereabouts of the Swift Shore Strider in WoW's vast universe had since remained a captivating enigma.

10. Thundering Cobalt Cloud Serpent

  • Requirement: Cloud Serpent Riding skill and Level 90+
  • Type: Flying Mount
  • Patch: 4.3.0
  • Status: Retired

Defeating Nalak on the Isle of Thunder lands players the rare Thundering Cobalt Cloud Serpent. 
Image source: wowvendor.com

Several cloud serpent mounts are available out there, but getting the Thundering Cobalt Cloud Serpent proves significantly more challenging to acquire.

One of WoW's rarest mounts, the Thundering Cobalt Cloud Serpent isn't for the weak. Defeating Nalak on the Isle of Thunder was the key. Still, with a 0.03% drop rate (similar to the Heavenly Onyx Cloud Serpent) and numerous challengers, it demanded persistence. One must rain swift decisive blows for a shot at this phantasmal serpent.

Further intrigue lay in courting the Order of the Cloud Serpent for the essential riding spell. Challenging as it might be, with Nalak's resistance and the Order's high bar, landing this mount was the ultimate triumph.

11. Corrupted Hippogryph

  • Requirement: Digital WoW TCG code, Level 20, and Apprentice Riding skill
  • Type: Ground and Flying Mount
  • Patch: 4.3.0
  • Status: Retired

The elusive Corrupted Hippogryph once hid in the Crown of the Heavens expansion, boasting one in 264 odds and a $3,500 price tag.
Image source: warcraftmounts.com

Players once yearned for the rare Corrupted Hippogryph, raising their speed and prestige in WoW. Hidden in the Crown of the Heavens expansion with odds of one in 264, they had to level up to 70, master Apprentice Riding, and shell out serious money. 

A trip to Booty Bay to trade their game code with Landro Longshot, and this elusive beauty was theirs. With booster boxes costing around $80, the odds push the estimated expense of getting this mount to $3,500 and around $550 on average on eBay.

12. Feldrake

  • Requirement: Level 10 
  • Type: Flying Mount
  • Patch: 4.3.2
  • Status: Available

The rare Feldrake's unique story is rooted in the Burning Crusade era and remains a part of Azeroth's rich narrative.
Image source: wowhead.com

In the breathtaking realm of Azeroth teeming with countless fur-barded Warbears and gargantuan Thunder Mammoths, the rare Feldrake mount stands out with a unique style. Tinted with shimmering emerald hues and marked by mesmerizing ethereal runes, this flying mount is prestigious and super scarce.

With smoke-trailing wings and speed adapting to player skill, the Feldrake is not merely a means to travel. It's a prize, a mark of prestige, available at Level Ten and reflecting Blizzard Entertainment's detail-oriented genius.

Now, getting this rare mount isn't a walk in the park. It's a game of luck and persistence, like defeating a mythic boss. Hailing from the rare TCG mounts, you could strike gold in a War of the Ancients booster pack. But if luck isn't your forte, there's an alternative: purchasing a digital code.

Beyond its rarity, what truly sets the Feldrake apart is its tale, rooted in the Burning Crusade era. Each mount carries a story, and the Feldrake is no exception. This mount is more than a beast; it's a loyal pet, a piece of Azeroth's narrative.

13. Ashes of Al'ar

  • Requirement: Defeat Kael'thas Sunstrider in Tempest Keep
  • Type: Flying Mount
  • Patch: 2.5.1
  • Status: Available

Kael’thas Sunstrider's Ashes of Al’ar thrills players 15 years on with its 1.7% drop rate and quick raid runs. 
Image source: warcraftmounts.com

Iconic WoW mount Ashes of Al’ar trailblazed the concept of sentinels in the sky when the Burning Crusade rolled out its flying feature. Born from the feared Kael’thas Sunstrider residing in The Eye, a 25-man raid, this mount continues to be a hot pursuit, even 15 years post-launch.

A starburst in WoW's skyline, it promises all the thrill, though with a slim 1.7% drop rate. Fear not. Max-level players can storm The Eye in under ten minutes. So, saddle up and chase this golden bird, which arguably set the gold standard for WoW mounts.

14. Black Qiraji Resonating Crystal

  • Requirement: Scepter of the Shifting Sands conquest
  • Type: Flying Mount
  • Patch: 2.5.1
  • Status: Retired

The rare Black Qiraji Resonating Crystal was exclusive to the Scepter of the Shifting Sands event.
Image source: wowhead.com

Securing the rarest mounts in WoW, like the Black Qiraji Resonating Crystal, required more than just a love for mount drops, but dedication and skill. The Black Qiraji Resonating Crystal was so elusive that only players who dived into the Gates of Ahn'iraj during the Scepter of the Shifting Sands event got their hands on it. Once the gates closed, the opportunity vanished.

Its blue, green, and rare red versions were only found within Ahn'Qiraj's ruins and ancient temples. Yet, only lucky players managed to snag one.

The Black Qiraji Resonating Crystal wasn't just a mount for the Horde. It demanded participation in the Dragonflight expansion and stellar PvP ability in Arena and Battlegrounds.

Meanwhile, its other versions—blue, green, and the elusive red—presented another challenge. These were exclusive to the sprawling and ruined city of Ahn'Qiraj. Acquiring one required swift action and a sprinkle of luck.

WoW players tiptoed through the decrepit cities, dodging necromancer mobs. If the Black Qiraji Resonating Crystal dropped, they seized it. Not everyone got to ride this beacon of awe and respect.

15. Fluorescent Green Mechanostrider

  • Requirement: None 
  • Type: Ground Mount
  • Patch:
  • Status: Retired

The Fluorescent Green Mechanostrider is the rarest mount in WoW, born by chance when Narshe lost his original mount.
Image source: wowhead.com

Set against the backdrop of WoW's universe, the Fluorescent Green Mechanostrider emerges as the rarest jewel. This exclusive, gleaming mechanical mount graced the game only once, couched in unexpected circumstances.

Here's how it unfolded: WoW player Narshe inadvertently deleted their original mount. A Game Master, stepping in to fix the situation, surprised Narshe with this unique Mechanostrider. Not won through grand quests or epic battles, but birthed from pure chance.

In a dramatic twist, however, Narshe lost the cherished Fluorescent Green Mechanostrider during an attempted account sale in the 6.2 update period. While no pictures of this mount exist, one can envision this mechanical wonder glowing with an intense emerald hue, commanding an aura similar to its traditional counterparts.

Is WoW mount collecting profitable?

WoW mount collecting is a captivating pursuit, though the question is: Is it a money-spinner? Some rare beauties fetch high prices at the Black Market Auction House, particularly unobtainable mounts. Quick gains pop up when professional players offer rare mounts for a fee. But there's another frame to this gaming picture.

Tempting as they are, there is hardly any guaranteed drop. Time and sweat often outweigh the ROI. Craft-specific mounts aren't a golden ticket either. Sometimes, material costs eclipse the selling price.

So, chasing WoW mounts for profit isn't a sure bet. It's more a scale of passion against potential gains. Remember, many indulge in this thrill not for the gold but for the sheer joy of hoarding these beautiful beasts.

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